Semi precious stones

Since time immemorial, the natives of various towns used crystals in healing as part of their tools. Agate, amethyst, turquoise and other semi-precious stones have been known for generations for their harmonizing and balancing properties. We have been looking for the properties of the semi-precious stones that HOPS proposes so that each one can choose them for their aesthetic side but also for what they can contribute on a spiritual and physiological level. So that your HOPS jewel, in addition to being personalized with a name or words, is also a jewel with positive properties.

Blue agate : Provides communication and fidelity. It helps transform negative emotions, give us security to move forward, courage, energy and physical balance. Increases self-confidence and concentration. It is also known to provide pleasant dreams. Powerful healer, it protects pregnancy and gives luck in matters of love, passion and studies.

Amethyst : Provides development and protection and favors spiritual changes. Provides balance and inner peace. Helps develop creativity, courage, intuition and self-esteem. It is a natural tranquilizer that enhances memory and motivation.

Turquoise : Represents the sky and water. It provides an increased feeling of well-being, regulating the respiratory system and causing a feeling of inner joy. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, boosts the immune system and reduces acidity. Stone with high regenerative power both on an organic and spiritual level. Relaxing, strengthens memory and stimulates the desire for knowledge.

Pearl : Provides spiritual elevation. The pearl is the symbol of kindness, loyalty and justice. Absorbs negative energy and calms the person. Indicates innocence, purity and modesty. It is indicated for those people who suffer from heart palpitations. Recommended for those who suffer from fear and anxiety.

Coral : Against envy. Protects from the evil eye. It serves to defend oneself from enemies and seems to link the wearer with their loved ones. It symbolizes the blood that is life, the tree, the cosmos and the sea as a source of life. It is attributed healing properties and the ability to protect its wearers from harm and negative vibrations. It also cures infertility.

Amber : Revitalizes the body, as well as the body organ on which it is placed, significantly improving its function. Promotes virility and fertility. In the form of a necklace, it offers excellent results against goiter, mumps, all types of ear and throat diseases, especially asthma and whooping cough. Extraordinarily amplifies the energy of thought forms and mental omissions. Attracts positive vibes and good luck.

Green agate : In general, agate fortifies, relieves balance disorders, epilepsy, ailments in general, digestive problems, infections... It is also beneficial for the skin, hair, sleepwalking and bites. Promotes self-esteem and courage; allows people to recognize true friends. Also helps in legal matters. Strengthens the action of other minerals. In its green tone, agate is related to the heart chakra and is excellent for strengthening blood circulation. As it has a great energy value: it is indicated for heart, gallbladder and liver disorders. With prolonged use, it prevents arterial obstruction. Widely used to treat depression, develop self-esteem and by students, as it promotes concentration and balances the neurovegetative system. It gives joy and activates the circulation.

Rose Quartz : Quartz is said to unblock energy centers and help the body heal itself, stimulates the immune system against future illnesses and is very effective in self-healing processes. Quartz, and more specifically rose quartz, beneficially influences all chakras, exerting calming and calming functions. Its power is decisive in finding inner peace.

Lapis Lazuli : With its blue color with variations to gold or silver, lapis lazuli provides a reduction in excitement by weighing passions and reality. It acts on the brow chakra, as it unblocks emotions, releases intuition and helps consciousness achieve its own power. Considered the stone of power, wisdom and royalty. In meditation, it facilitates the path of wisdom and balances moments of uncertainty and skepticism. Its blue vibrations connect with the glandular system in its darkest tones, and the light ones purify and release energies. It connects us to our inner being, to meditation, devotion and introspection, to our ability to trust in the higher.

The Coral Rose : Roses have always been the symbol of love, where the man conquers the woman with a rose and the woman conquers the man with her perfume. Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. They were sacred to a considerable number of goddesses and were often used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Roses are so important that terms such as pink or red are derived from them in a variety of languages. in your tone peau d'ange (angel skin color, or tender pink) the rose is very sweet and romantic.

Citrine : It is a direct stimulant of the mind. It provides mental clarity, freeing the mind from conflicting thoughts and providing space to think. That is why it is good to carry a citrine with us to keep the mind clear and clear. Stimulates creativity and promotes study.

This crystal represents the joy of living. Inclines towards good humor, feeds the spirit and promotes concentration. Citrine is also related to prosperity and generosity, being one of the stones of abundance, attracting wealth, prosperity, success and all kinds of good things both in the form of money and in personal relationships.

Smoky quartz: Integrates the properties of quartz: raises energy levels, filters distractions and promotes concentration and, thanks to the fact that it harmonizes the chakras, it can be used to treat any type of ailment. It also has some additional properties: it helps support emotional burden, relieves fear and nightmares and brings calm to its wearer. It also promotes positive thinking and slowly dissolves negative emotions.

Mother-of-pearl : Mother-of-pearl (or also called mother-of-pearl) is a bio-inorganic substance, hard, shiny and with beautiful iridescent reflections. Both pearl and mother-of-pearl add attractiveness to its wearer. It makes people sweet and flattering, so that their company will always be very pleasant. It is so powerful that its effects can become fascinating and exert an irresistible dominance over others.