Frequent questions

01. Where can I buy HOPS products?

Our jewelry line is sold online at . You can also come to the workshop by making an appointment. You will find the contact information in our section Where to find us?

02. Where can I find out about HOPS models, prices and availability?

You will find the most complete information in our online store

03. Can I buy HOPS products online?

Of course! HOPS products are sold in their online store and can be purchased from any location by visiting .

04. Do I have to register before making the purchase?

You can choose to register so that we save your contact information to make future purchases easier and faster, or you can buy as a guest. In any case, the system will ask for your contact information in order to send the order. If you purchase as a guest, your data will not be saved for future purchases.

05. Can I buy your products if I am outside of Spain?

HOPS products can be purchased in their online store from any location in the world.

06. How can I clean my HOPS jewelry?

You can use a specific product to clean silver or with cleaning-polish tissue of special HOPS for precious metals. You can buy it online or at our points of sale.

07. My cord has broken. How can I replace it?

To replace the cord you have to follow the following steps:

07.a. Place the following in a bubble envelope:

- Your jewelry (bracelet or necklace).

- An attached letter with your email, the complete delivery address of the jewel once arranged and your telephone number, indicating the type of cord and color. We will return it to you replaced.

07.b. Send it by certificate (more secure) to: HOPS, calle Almanzora 17 C, 28023 Madrid.

07.c. Make a transfer of €5.5 + shipping costs (€6.50 for the peninsula or €8.50 for other destinations)

07.d. We offer our nearby clients the possibility of meeting us at the HOPS workshop (Calle Almanzora 17C, 28023 Madrid-Aravaca) for a cord change on the spot. It can be done by making an appointment by email:, or by WhatsApp (637151560)

It will also be the opportunity for HOPS to clean your medal and review the engraving (if you have the engraving at hand), so that it is returned to you as good as new!

Data for transfer:

HOPS bijou SL account

bank: La Caixa

Account number: 2100 1448 83 0200375911

IBAN: ES84 2100 1448 8302 0037 5911

concept: cord change (customer name)

Beneficiary: HOPS

Amount: €12 (for the peninsula) or €14 (for other destinations)

To speed up the procedures, we ask that you send us proof of the transfer by email to:

08. I have a store and I am interested in its products.

For the sale of HOPS products, we have exclusive clients from multi-brand stores. If you want to be part of our network, contact us through the Customer Service department

For more information: HOPS: