Érase una vez HOPS

HOPS , jewelry with soul, offers you exclusive designs that express what makes us different, turning them into unique objects, through artisanal engraving with personalized messages that you choose. The talent and creativity of its founder, Olympe Cathalan , come together to give life to a new language in personalized jewelry , in which you can find everything from classic and elegant designs to more modern, minimalist and original ones. Personal creations , semi-precious jewelry at affordable prices.

HOPS is the personal project of an entrepreneurial woman who has known how to reconcile the difficult task of being a wife, mother and businesswoman. The name HOPS comes from the initials of the names of Olympe's loved ones, his family. That's why personalized gifts What we are going to find are carriers of feelings. They are messages full of affection and emotion: jewels with soul.