Gifts for teachers: love and creativity with HOPS jewelry

Hello again HOPS friends!

Have you thought about having a thank you gift with your children's teachers and can't think of an original gift?

At HOPS we have a lot of creative, original and exclusive proposals so that you can thank your little ones' teachers for their work, dedication and patience throughout the year.

Necklaces, keychains and bracelets that you can personalize with the students' names written by them or with a loving phrase and the teacher's name written with our unmistakable hand engraving. A jewel with the touch of elegance and personality that you were looking for. You will love it!

Regalos para profesores - Collar Diana 3cm

Personalized necklaces

What do you think of our Mini Heart Necklace ? With a single heart it is ideal for engraving the name of the teacher and the course; With several medals you can engrave the name of each student on a different heart, making it a very personal, unrepeatable gift.

Another option is the Olympia Necklace : engrave the students' names on the large medal and a special phrase for the teacher on the smaller medal. You will love it!

Regalos para profesores - Pulsera Charco Amatista

Personalized bracelets

If you want to make sure that your gift will thrill the teacher who receives it, the Charco bracelets are the ideal model: with cord or with a ring, with stones or with just a medal, they are the ideal jewel for the little ones to express their feelings for the teacher.

And if you want to make a joint gift for the whole class, the 3cm Diana Bracelet is the perfect jewel: download the template for the children to sign and we will reproduce it exactly as it is on the medal: an unforgettable memory!


Regalos para profesores - Llavero de plata

Personalized keychains

If you want a practical gift for both male and female teachers, our Yasmina Keychain is an excellent option: you can personalize it by adding the names of the students, the course they belong to or a special phrase for the teacher. Assured success!

You can also fully personalize your gift by adding the students' names with their own handwriting on the Silver Keychain . Simple and ideal to carry with your house, car or class keys, it is the perfect gift for tutors, coaches, catechists... for all teachers!

Whichever model you choose, keep in mind that all our jewelry becomes indelible memories . Our unmistakable hand engraving gives them the touch of elegance and personality that you were looking for, so you will only have to worry about pouring into them all the affection that you want to convey to the teachers. Don't settle for less! Give the gift of excitement with HOPS.


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We celebrate VFNO by giving away a HOPS jewel

Hello again HOPS friends!

There are ten days left until one of the most important fashion festivals held each year takes place. The big night of shopping , full of deals, cocktails, music, gifts and fun for all fashion lovers. And Vogue Fashion's Night Out returns to flood the streets with the best street style looks, and at HOPS we also want to celebrate it. For this reason, we have decided to share a little piece of our signature with all our followers, we are going to raffle a Diana Estrella Necklace during VFNO!

We celebrate VFNO by giving away a HOPS jewel

Would you like to participate? You have three ways to do it:

  • Via Twitter : Follow @HOPSjoyas and retweet the link image.
  • Through Facebook : “Like” our page and share the link image on your wall with public visibility.
  • Through Instagram : Follow us at @HOPSjoyas, “Like” the link image and comment why you would like to be the winner of our Diana Estrella Necklace.

Plus, if you participate on multiple social networks , you'll increase your chances of winning! And remember: the winner will be published on our social networks throughout September 16 and will be able to choose their personalized engraving and the finish of their jewelry: solid silver or gold-plated.

Dare to participate before 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, September 15 and celebrate VFNO with us !


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Liberty fabrics: a touch of fun for your favorite jewelry

Hello again HOPS friends!

Have you ever wondered what would be the ideal piece of jewelry to wear on those occasions when perhaps the chain is too elegant and the cord is too casual ? Have you missed a middle ground? If so, don't stop reading this article, because today we want to present you our jewelry made with liberty fabrics : the ideal complement for any casual look .

But first of all... what exactly are liberty fabrics? These are fine fabrics with a quality superior to traditional cotton and whose fame comes from their beautiful prints of bright colors , generally floral motifs . Its origin took place in 1939, when the English merchant Arthur Lasenby Liberty created his own company, Liberty of London , after the great success that his fabrics obtained during the 1920s. Since then, many couturiers and designers have implemented the floral style of liberty fabrics in their designs, thus contributing to their success; Among them are Mary Quant, Bill Blass, Cacharel and Yves Saint Laurent.

At HOPS we have also wanted to have these wonderful fabrics when designing our jewelry; Do you want to know which ones are the most popular ? We'll tell you then!


Diana 2cm liberty bracelet and Diana 3cm liberty bracelet : Gold or solid silver plating

Diana liberty bracelet

The pure and elegant lines of the Diana medal are dressed with the different prints of liberty fabrics. With these models, the originality of your jewelry goes one step further, since you can not only choose the engraving of your medal, but also the color and motif of the fabric that accompanies it. If you are looking for a more modern and fun touch in your accessories, you will love these bracelets!

Diana Heart Bracelet : Gold or solid silver plating

Diana liberty heart bracelet

The iconic HOPS medal takes on an even sweeter touch thanks to the liberty fabric. This medal is perfect for carrying your most intimate messages or for making the most important statements thanks to the possibility of customizing its engraving. Do you dare to reveal your most romantic secrets?

Sidonie liberty bracelet : Gold or solid silver plating

Sidonie liberty bracelet

A bracelet with hundreds of possibilities. Each medal brings something to its owner: well-being if it is round, love if it is a heart and luck if it is a clover. You can choose the one you like the most or opt for one of each, since this bracelet allows you to wear up to three medals , each of them with its personalized engraving. Furthermore, if you add the liberty fabric to its pure and simple shapes, you will achieve a romantic and modern finish: a total success!

Did you like the finishes achieved in HOPS jewelry thanks to liberty fabrics? Well, these are just some of the models we have, so… go look for the jewel that you like the most and order it with the liberty fabric that best suits your style!

And what happens if you fall in love with a medal but the website doesn't allow you to order it with liberty fabric? Don't worry: contact us , tell us the model and style of fabric you would like to wear and we will inform you of the feasibility of assembling the jewelry just the way you want it: 100% personalized!


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Summer fashion: the jewelry that best matches your swimsuits

Hello again HOPS friends!

We continue enjoying the summer: the sun, the terraces, the ice creams and, how could it be otherwise, the swims in the beaches and swimming pools . A few months ago we recommended some ways to combine your HOPS jewelry with summer outfits , but today we want to propose some ideas so that you can fully enjoy your HOPS jewelry by combining them with your bikinis and swimsuits and showing them off on the beach.

Elegant, discreet and very wearable, all our pieces are the perfect accessory that you can always take with you , everywhere... and the beach is no exception. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets... the heat is no excuse to leave them forgotten in a drawer because with the updos, the necklines and the short sleeves they take on, if possible, even greater prominence than the rest of the year. And is there any better way to look radiant than by wearing the personalized jewelry that you like the most?

Mini Heart Chain Necklace: Solid gold or silver plating

Both the chain and the medal of the Mini Heart chain necklace can be made of solid silver or gold-plated, depending on your tastes and the swimsuit you want to combine it with. At HOPS we recommend wearing it with triangular bikinis to give a simple touch of light to your neckline without making it overloaded; Pure elegance!

swimsuit jewelry 1

Star earrings: Gold plating

Dare to decorate your ears with the HOPS Star Earrings. Thanks to their circular shape, they look great with both updos and loose hair ; In other words, perfect for both bathing in them and sunbathing. In addition, thanks to their closure style, it is very difficult for you to lose them while playing or swimming in the waves.

bikini jewelry 2

Family bracelet: Solid silver or gold plating

Composed of a round medal and small medals in the shape of boys, girls or little stars, the Family bracelet is the ideal model to draw attention to your wrists when you are wearing a swimsuit . The suede cord can be navy blue or taupe , so if you have swimsuits that match these tones, you will be able to create a perfect outfit!

swimsuit jewelry 1

Do you need help on how to match your HOPS jewelry with your bikinis and swimsuits? Can you think of more ways to combine our personalized jewelry with your swimsuits? Don't hesitate and send us your proposal and, if you want, a photo of how the set looks; We love receiving your opinions!


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HOPS Jewelry, special Baptisms

Hello again HOPS friends;


We take advantage of this post to give you some ideas of what to give if you attend a baptism as guests. In addition to First Communions , many baptisms are also usually given around this date. The good weather, among other things, encourages you to do it at this time, and surely it has happened to you too!

The truth is that more and more, baptisms are more fashionable . Most of the time, parents who are tremendously excited about the baby 's arrival, organize a party with family and friends on par with any other big event. From the invitations , celebration venues, gifts and endless details designed and created with charm to welcome the little one. For parents , everything seems not enough for their children, right?

What to give for such an event? If you are more traditional, you will surely opt for a gift for the baby: clothes, a basket of hygiene products, a stuffed animal or doll, but what if instead of the baby, you have a gift with the new mother ? We assure you that the happiness will be doubled and she will love it.

We are more than convinced that a HOPS jewel is a sure hit. Mom will love having her baby's name or date of birth engraved. He will wear it with pride ;)

As you well know, our jewelry is special because that's how you make it, creating and designing it for that person or for that unique moment. We are creators of illusions and specialists in details that make the difference.

Do you need inspiration? We have created a selection of perfect jewelry to give as a gift for baptisms , and if you need more, you just have to visit our website to discover the entire collection:


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Get more out of your looks with HOPS jewelry

Hello again HOPS friends!

Every season the same question: what to wear? What should I wear?

Well, when it comes to jewelry , which is what really matters to us, incorporating them into our outfits is very popular! We told you something in the review we did of trends a few weeks ago: HOPS with the spring-summer 2016 trends

Surely you have noticed how stores increasingly incorporate a collection of jewelry accessories that they renew season after season or some, with more design, leave them fixed throughout the year.

As it could not be otherwise, at HOPS we firmly believe that there is no better accessory to complement and enhance a look than a beautiful piece of jewelry . The why? They provide light, shine, distinction, elegance, glamour... to the person who wears it and to the chosen style. At HOPS we are not friends of great excesses. A piece of jewelry should not take more attention than a beautiful and elegant party dress or leave the success of the final result of the look to the potential of a necklace or earrings. We like balance. Every garment and every moment has its right jewel , although ours are so comfortable and simple that if you want, you can wear them with almost anything.

There are many tips on how to wear jewelry . We are going to select the most important ones for you.

  • Less is more : If you have chosen a top with a pronounced V-neckline for a dinner with friends, you can add a necklace to divert some attention. For example the Cross chain Necklace or the Diana chain Necklace. This touch is enough. And now comes the crux of the matter. It is not necessary that you add large earrings or another accessory as it will enhance the look. This way it is more elegant and the result will be a success.


  • Avoid large prints, glitter and sequins . It is best to let the piece stand out on its own, accompanying smooth textures or simple garments. A short black cocktail dress allows for jewelry and larger pieces in different colors, and jeans with a white t-shirt too.


  • If you are going to highlight your dolls with sleeveless or elbow-length garments, we recommend that you have your nails groomed. Our bracelets are unique and special, you have to be prepared in case a friend takes your hand to see them up close... you have to have a good manicure. This way the bracelets will look even better. We assure you.

  • Choose pieces that identify you and that help you create a good look in general. At the end of the day, in addition to being an accessory that adds value, it is a personal accessory that speaks about you and in our case, about yours.



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Special looks for communions + HOPS jewelry

Hello again friends!

Although our forte is jewelry , this week we wanted to dedicate the blog entry to fashion .

May is just around the corner and with it, communions, weddings and baptisms . We already told you in the previous post ( HOPS: First Communion gifts ) a very important month in terms of events . And if on top of that, it is one of your children who makes the First Communion , it is even more complicated, since both he/she and you will be invited to more than one party . Don't forget that if you need help and advice on what to give and get it right on that big day, on our website you have a varied and complete selection of jewelry for both boys and girls: First Communion Gifts .

Returning to the topic of fashion, what to wear to these events is sometimes complicated. You already know that in communions it is appropriate to wear a cocktail dress or dress pants and blouse. We must not forget that the act is done inside a church. What to give to children is something easier. They will be ideal with pants and a shirt, and they will be ideal with a neat little dress. The touch? It couldn't be any other way, with HOPS jewelry . It's the extra that the look needs to go from 8 to 10 ;)

Also, if you want inspiration , we have created three outfits. One for a girl in which we have added the Figurines Bracelet with Liberty fabric , another for a boy with the Cross Necklace , so appropriate for this occasion, and finally one for a woman with whom you will surely be the perfect guest . Don't miss the set we have created with the Little Star Chain Necklace and the Maille Charms Bracelet . Success is assured.






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HOPS: First Communion gifts

Hello friends and HOPS followers!

Every year, during these months, history repeats itself. The BBC season ( weddings, baptisms, communions ) is approaching, although on this occasion we will focus on communions, a unique and important moment for children.

In addition to the look , what to give to the protagonists of the day is quite a challenge. Nowadays, children have everything and finding the right gift will not be as easy as you think, partly because at that age they already have very established tastes, they are sure of what they like and what they don't. Not just anything is worth it, that's clear.

At HOPS we want to help you with the right gift . Our jewelry is perfect for communions. An original, personalized detail full of feeling . From a little angel, to the date of the First Communion or their name, we hand-engrave the piece you choose in solid silver or gold-plated so that the memory of your day remains forever. That's what makes our jewelry unique. At HOPS you choose the model and metal, if you prefer cord, chain or Liberty fabrics .

Do you need inspiration? We have created on our website a selection of special "First Communion" gifts for boys and girls although if you want to see a small preview, we leave you in this post a small selection.

  • Personalized bracelets in solid silver or gold plated with colored cord.

  • Personalized bracelets in solid silver or gold plated with silver thread.

  • Personalized bracelets in solid silver or gold-plated with Liberty- type fabrics.

  • Personalized necklaces in solid silver or gold plated with chain.

You will find all our models at


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HOPS with the spring-summer 2016 trends

Season after season, fashion designers try to dress us in their own way, innovating in colors, patterns, lights... Now it's spring-summer , undoubtedly a time that everyone loves. Its shapes, colors and designs fill stores and shop windows with life.

During this month, the major titles of national and international fashion magazines dictate the key trends of the season in their issues. The ones that paraded on the catwalks in New York , London or Milan , we will find them in all stores... now! Because even if the (atmospheric) weather is not in their favor, the boutiques already smell like spring, fresh flowers and summer weather.

We have selected some of them (there are almost 20) and we have adapted one of our jewels to them. HOPS is a brand with a lot of personality and very defined characteristics, but what is clear is that it is a current brand, which knows how to adapt to changes and what is coming, season after season.

Do you want to see some of them?

- First of all, it doesn't surprise you. A classic that is reinvented but always works: pale pink . Between nude and quartz, powdery tones add femininity.

Our HOPS proposal: Butterfly Bracelet . Romantic and delicate, the personalized Butterfly medal will bring you lightness of body and soul. Engraved with name or date, the medals are ideal.

- Safari style . In dresses with movement, jumpsuits and oversized jackets. A perfect mix of animal prints and military style worn with elegance and style.

Our HOPS proposal: the casual silver touch of the Cross Necklace with the matching Cross Earrings .

- New minimal . Simplicity in capital letters. Less is more in jewelry and accessories.

Our HOPS proposal: Felicia silver thread bracelet . Medal in solid silver or gold plating. The Felicia bracelet is decorated with a silver thread that gives it an ideal elegant touch. The butterfly attached to the hoop represents the free spirit that escapes from its routine.

- Green, I love you green . Knit, paillettes and lace to decline the color of hope.

Our HOPS proposal: Green Agate Charco Bracelet . Solid silver or gold plating. Green agate brings many very beneficial properties for the heart in addition to developing self-esteem. Mixed with the hand-engraved Charco medal, it will bring you good mood and joy.

- A lot of money . Mirror effect fabrics, metallic details and futuristic motifs.

Our HOPS proposal: Mini Charms Bracelet . Solid silver chain with solid silver or gold plated medals. Mix silver with gold plating, or prefer all silver... choose how you like best. The Mini Charms bracelet is refined and brings light to your wrist.

What did you think of this brief preview? wanting more?

Dress spring your way and choose HOPS jewelry .

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Father's day

Hello again friends and followers of HOPS jewelry ;

As you well know, HOPS is a brand for families , both for parents and children. Our jewelry is designed for EVERYONE without exception. Well, today we will focus on "them". Yes, in the parents . Because as you well know, on Saturday, March 20, we celebrate Father's Day .

If you have children , it is a very nice day to celebrate with your family . At HOPS we want to help you plan a perfect Father's Day with ideas and proposals in our style. Because you still have time! Although, as we always say, every day is Father's Day, but we choose one in particular to make it even more special, and why not, to plan and organize a day like the one we tell you about below.

Our 100% HOPS plan:

  • Start the morning with a good breakfast, special, healthy and original. Children love to cook, and if you motivate them by telling them that it is a surprise for dad, they will be even more excited.


  • Then we recommend you enjoy some after-dinner time. Maybe you can see photos from albums, some family videos or simply pass the time telling funny anecdotes.
  • If you have a gift or detail for dad, this is a good time. If you need inspiration because you haven't bought anything yet, don't worry, we'll help you. We have created on our website ( ) a selection of jewelry , cufflinks , keychains , bracelets ..., personalized and hand-engraved. Each piece is unique and special because we create it special for you, to your liking .


  • Already breakfasted and clean, we go to the street! The activities to do from here certainly vary depending on the age of the children and the tastes of the families. We, for example, choose to go Karts. A car circuit where parents have a great time.



  • After so much activity, the body is sure to ask for food. We chose an Italian restaurant . Children love pasta. Spaghetti with tomato for everyone!
  • Fridays are movie premiere days, so I'm sure that on Saturday the 20th you will have a perfect movie to watch with the family. Organize an afternoon at the movies and of course, don't forget the popcorn.

  • Finally, once at home, you look together at the photos you have taken with your cell phone. The selfies that will become wallpapers and the good times that you have all had. Good moments that will remain in memory... (until next year).


Happy Father's Day with HOPS

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User manual: HOPS jewelry

We don't need to tell you that accessories and complements are the best allies to transform a look . They are so important in fashion that there is no designer who can resist them. Key pieces that, in addition to their aesthetic function, help, among other things: to improve an outfit , to enhance the color, to give prominence to a garment, to focus a part of the style...

Among the favorite basics: bags, belts, glasses, scarves..., those that we reserve for special occasions and those that we use daily. That's why our HOPS #jewels are so complete. Pieces that you can use in your daily life, providing that touch that you are looking for in all your looks .

Those that work daily, especially simple and simple jewelry . Like silver thread #bracelets , they are so comfortable to wear that you won't want to take them off. And the same thing happens with #necklaces. Stylize the neck with a nice neckline, or enhance it if you decide to wear a masculine style shirt, for example.

But today, Friday, everything changes. Today we want to enhance our look and make it special. Give it style, gain light, color, femininity... Whether you have a special dinner or a meet-up with friends, sign up for today's star proposal. We are sure that you will shine and HOPS will give you the key. A lingerie-style dress (one of the season's favorite bets) and HOPS crystal bracelets . You will be able to outshine even on a closed and dark night because they are full of light and brightness. Don't they seem perfect to you?

Willing to try our tips? Share with HOPS your styling tips and tricks as well as your favorite photos.

Happy weekend with HOPS .

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Hello again friends!

Now we are about to say goodbye to January, to the eternal January... After the holidays, resuming our usual obligations has cost us more than ever. Thank goodness February is just around the corner, with new vibes.

The month of LOVE , that's how we all know it. Because although there are people who do not want to recognize it, resist or even deny, the 14th is looked forward to. Whether you have a partner or not, because love is in the family, in parents, children, siblings... or even in that co-worker whom you appreciate so much.

February turns red, the shop windows are decorated with hearts, flowers, beautiful phrases and endless ideas about Valentine's Day float in the air. And we love it, because although we defend the idea that any day is a good day to show your love for that person and gifts don't have to be dated... sometimes we forget how important it is to give and receive and love and to be loved.

And our way of doing it, through jewelry . HOPS Jewelry is loaded with feelings. Special jewelry that remembers someone, that special person. Because in addition to having it in our minds, we love to always carry it with us through that little jewel that you can also personalize in your own way.

Do you have anything special prepared for #Valentine's Day ? Are you looking for a gift for him? For her? Do you have a special whim? Now is the time.

We can help you and assure you that through our jewelry you will be sure to get it right. A special detail that does not expire or wear out, a gift forever.

We have prepared a small selection of jewelry for women and men to inspire you, but remember that you can always find our entire collection on our website: and if you have questions, need advice... do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

  • Jewelry for women: #cord bracelets

  • Jewelry for women: #bracelets and #chain necklaces

  • Jewelry for men: silver #cufflinks and #keychains

Greetings and have a nice weekend.

Thank you for trusting HOPS

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