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Have you ever wondered what would be the ideal piece of jewelry to wear on those occasions when perhaps the chain is too elegant and the cord is too casual ? Have you missed a middle ground? If so, don't stop reading this article, because today we want to present you our jewelry made with liberty fabrics : the ideal complement for any casual look .

But first of all... what exactly are liberty fabrics? These are fine fabrics with a quality superior to traditional cotton and whose fame comes from their beautiful prints of bright colors , generally floral motifs . Its origin took place in 1939, when the English merchant Arthur Lasenby Liberty created his own company, Liberty of London , after the great success that his fabrics obtained during the 1920s. Since then, many couturiers and designers have implemented the floral style of liberty fabrics in their designs, thus contributing to their success; Among them are Mary Quant, Bill Blass, Cacharel and Yves Saint Laurent.

At HOPS we have also wanted to have these wonderful fabrics when designing our jewelry; Do you want to know which ones are the most popular ? We'll tell you then!


Diana 2cm liberty bracelet and Diana 3cm liberty bracelet : Gold or solid silver plating

Diana liberty bracelet

The pure and elegant lines of the Diana medal are dressed with the different prints of liberty fabrics. With these models, the originality of your jewelry goes one step further, since you can not only choose the engraving of your medal, but also the color and motif of the fabric that accompanies it. If you are looking for a more modern and fun touch in your accessories, you will love these bracelets!

Diana Heart Bracelet : Gold or solid silver plating

Diana liberty heart bracelet

The iconic HOPS medal takes on an even sweeter touch thanks to the liberty fabric. This medal is perfect for carrying your most intimate messages or for making the most important statements thanks to the possibility of customizing its engraving. Do you dare to reveal your most romantic secrets?

Sidonie liberty bracelet : Gold or solid silver plating

Sidonie liberty bracelet

A bracelet with hundreds of possibilities. Each medal brings something to its owner: well-being if it is round, love if it is a heart and luck if it is a clover. You can choose the one you like the most or opt for one of each, since this bracelet allows you to wear up to three medals , each of them with its personalized engraving. Furthermore, if you add the liberty fabric to its pure and simple shapes, you will achieve a romantic and modern finish: a total success!

Did you like the finishes achieved in HOPS jewelry thanks to liberty fabrics? Well, these are just some of the models we have, so… go look for the jewel that you like the most and order it with the liberty fabric that best suits your style!

And what happens if you fall in love with a medal but the website doesn't allow you to order it with liberty fabric? Don't worry: contact us , tell us the model and style of fabric you would like to wear and we will inform you of the feasibility of assembling the jewelry just the way you want it: 100% personalized!


February 04, 2022 — admin