Hello again HOPS friends;


We take advantage of this post to give you some ideas of what to give if you attend a baptism as guests. In addition to First Communions , many baptisms are also usually given around this date. The good weather, among other things, encourages you to do it at this time, and surely it has happened to you too!

The truth is that more and more, baptisms are more fashionable . Most of the time, parents who are tremendously excited about the baby 's arrival, organize a party with family and friends on par with any other big event. From the invitations , celebration venues, gifts and endless details designed and created with charm to welcome the little one. For parents , everything seems not enough for their children, right?

What to give for such an event? If you are more traditional, you will surely opt for a gift for the baby: clothes, a basket of hygiene products, a stuffed animal or doll, but what if instead of the baby, you have a gift with the new mother ? We assure you that the happiness will be doubled and she will love it.

We are more than convinced that a HOPS jewel is a sure hit. Mom will love having her baby's name or date of birth engraved. He will wear it with pride ;)

As you well know, our jewelry is special because that's how you make it, creating and designing it for that person or for that unique moment. We are creators of illusions and specialists in details that make the difference.

Do you need inspiration? We have created a selection of perfect jewelry to give as a gift for baptisms , and if you need more, you just have to visit our website to discover the entire collection: http://www.hops.es/regalos-para-bautizo


February 04, 2022 — admin