Hello again HOPS friends!

We continue enjoying the summer: the sun, the terraces, the ice creams and, how could it be otherwise, the swims in the beaches and swimming pools . A few months ago we recommended some ways to combine your HOPS jewelry with summer outfits , but today we want to propose some ideas so that you can fully enjoy your HOPS jewelry by combining them with your bikinis and swimsuits and showing them off on the beach.

Elegant, discreet and very wearable, all our pieces are the perfect accessory that you can always take with you , everywhere... and the beach is no exception. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets... the heat is no excuse to leave them forgotten in a drawer because with the updos, the necklines and the short sleeves they take on, if possible, even greater prominence than the rest of the year. And is there any better way to look radiant than by wearing the personalized jewelry that you like the most?

Mini Heart Chain Necklace: Solid gold or silver plating

Both the chain and the medal of the Mini Heart chain necklace can be made of solid silver or gold-plated, depending on your tastes and the swimsuit you want to combine it with. At HOPS we recommend wearing it with triangular bikinis to give a simple touch of light to your neckline without making it overloaded; Pure elegance!

swimsuit jewelry 1

Star earrings: Gold plating

Dare to decorate your ears with the HOPS Star Earrings. Thanks to their circular shape, they look great with both updos and loose hair ; In other words, perfect for both bathing in them and sunbathing. In addition, thanks to their closure style, it is very difficult for you to lose them while playing or swimming in the waves.

bikini jewelry 2

Family bracelet: Solid silver or gold plating

Composed of a round medal and small medals in the shape of boys, girls or little stars, the Family bracelet is the ideal model to draw attention to your wrists when you are wearing a swimsuit . The suede cord can be navy blue or taupe , so if you have swimsuits that match these tones, you will be able to create a perfect outfit!

swimsuit jewelry 1

Do you need help on how to match your HOPS jewelry with your bikinis and swimsuits? Can you think of more ways to combine our personalized jewelry with your swimsuits? Don't hesitate and send us your proposal and, if you want, a photo of how the set looks; We love receiving your opinions!


February 04, 2022 — admin