Jewelry is the ideal complement to complete our look. But do you know how to combine them with your favorite clothes?

Bracelets and necklaces provide elegance and light; Therefore, we believe that they are essential in any look. But we have to know which ones look best depending on the type of clothing we choose.

Hops Personalized Bracelets

HOPS Personalized Bracelets

If our jewelry has colored semi-precious stones , it will fit better with clothes in plain colors. You can add shine and glamor to a black dress if you combine it with a HOPS necklace, plated in gold and add some color with a semi-precious stone in red tones, such as coral or turquoise.

Tight dresses with boat necklines look great if we add a long necklace, you will surely look more stylish and elegant. If you use shirts or round necks, shorter necklaces are the most appropriate.

Hops Personalized Necklaces

Pearls were associated with mature women's looks, but if you add one to a HOPS design, you will see how it adds elegance, but without appearing too serious.

As for HOPS bracelets , any time of year is good to wear them, but now that spring is approaching they become essential with the good weather.

If you want them to be more casual, choose from a variety of colored or neutral laces . If you want a more classic bracelet, just add a silver or gold thread, or a chain. You will get the touch of class if you add a HOPS semi-precious stone.

The good thing about our online jewelry is that we have a wide variety of models that you can customize to create the jewelry that you need at all times. That differentiates us from other jewelry stores.


February 04, 2022 — admin