We are happy to be able to celebrate Christmas with you, another year. Surely you are spending the day with your family, surrounded by your loved ones, laughing and singing. Without a doubt, today is a special day, where we are all happy and content.

These holidays are very emotional, we remember everything good about the year and of course, the not so good too. We are aware that not everything is positive, so for all those people who are going through a bad time and cannot celebrate Christmas today, from HOPS we send you a big hug and kiss.

At HOPS we are working on all the orders that you have placed with us, so that they arrive perfect and just in time to give as gifts this holiday season.

As you already know, our jewelry is loaded with meaning. They are very special because they remember a moment, a person or, as many times, a child. That touches the soul, right? That is why we insist so much that our jewelry is jewelry with a soul , because it goes directly to the heart. Whether you give it to a loved one or yourself, the effect is the same: emotion and feeling.

 Today we want to share our happiness with you. The happiness of being able to continue believing and advancing in this project and in this adventure you accompany us.

Thank you very much for trusting us . We will be waiting for you as always on our website: www.hops.es and on our social networks so that you can follow our news and updates day by day.




February 04, 2022 — admin