Hello again friends and followers of HOPS jewelry ;

As you well know, HOPS is a brand for families , both for parents and children. Our jewelry is designed for EVERYONE without exception. Well, today we will focus on "them". Yes, in the parents . Because as you well know, on Saturday, March 20, we celebrate Father's Day .

If you have children , it is a very nice day to celebrate with your family . At HOPS we want to help you plan a perfect Father's Day with ideas and proposals in our style. Because you still have time! Although, as we always say, every day is Father's Day, but we choose one in particular to make it even more special, and why not, to plan and organize a day like the one we tell you about below.

Our 100% HOPS plan:

  • Start the morning with a good breakfast, special, healthy and original. Children love to cook, and if you motivate them by telling them that it is a surprise for dad, they will be even more excited.


  • Then we recommend you enjoy some after-dinner time. Maybe you can see photos from albums, some family videos or simply pass the time telling funny anecdotes.
  • If you have a gift or detail for dad, this is a good time. If you need inspiration because you haven't bought anything yet, don't worry, we'll help you. We have created on our website ( www.hops.es ) a selection of jewelry , cufflinks , keychains , bracelets ..., personalized and hand-engraved. Each piece is unique and special because we create it special for you, to your liking . http://www.hops.es/regalos-dia-del-padre


  • Already breakfasted and clean, we go to the street! The activities to do from here certainly vary depending on the age of the children and the tastes of the families. We, for example, choose to go Karts. A car circuit where parents have a great time.



  • After so much activity, the body is sure to ask for food. We chose an Italian restaurant . Children love pasta. Spaghetti with tomato for everyone!
  • Fridays are movie premiere days, so I'm sure that on Saturday the 20th you will have a perfect movie to watch with the family. Organize an afternoon at the movies and of course, don't forget the popcorn.

  • Finally, once at home, you look together at the photos you have taken with your cell phone. The selfies that will become wallpapers and the good times that you have all had. Good moments that will remain in memory... (until next year).


Happy Father's Day with HOPS

February 04, 2022 — admin