Cupid is, in Roman mythology, the god of love, his name means “desire”. It is the same one that in Greek mythology received the name of Eros or Kāmadeva in Hindu mythology.

At HOPS We do not escape the influence of Cupid and we want to reach every heart reached with the magical arrow that transforms us and makes us see everything pink and feel butterflies in our stomach.

Hops necklaces and bracelets, jewelry that makes you fall in love

At HOPS we know that love is not a flower of a day, but Valentine's Day is a date that makes it easy for us to celebrate that complicity and express the feelings that unite us with the loved one on a daily basis. Our online jewelry offers you that gift that will make him happy. Our personalized jewelry allows you to engrave the messages you want, those that you want to last over time and excite the recipient.

Tell them with Hops, your trusted jewelry

Love is the best gift, Valentine's Day gives us the opportunity to tell them, and Hops is the best way to send them that special message because our necklaces, bracelets, keychains or cufflinks become carriers of feelings through handcrafted engraved messages. , which work like Cupid's arrows, jewels straight to the heart of the one who receives them.

On Valentine's Day, say it with a HOPS jewel, you will surely be right.




February 04, 2022 — admin