We're counting down to Halloween , so it's time to look for a costume. Vampire, witch, ghost, devil, zombie, mummy? If you really want to stand out and be “the” or “the” most chic at the party, don't forget to add a HOPS jewel to your costume .

Halloween is a holiday of Celtic origin that was celebrated mainly in Anglo-Saxon countries. However, for some time now it has been firmly penetrating our culture, and more and more families are celebrating “the most terrifying night of the year: Halloween.”

Skull Bracelet, ideal to be the most chic Halloween

If you have never organized a home party with your children and their friends, we recommend that you do it, they will have a great time helping you decorate the house, choosing the costume, even preparing a “terrifying” menu . You will be surprised by the ideas you can come up with to enjoy Halloween.

If when choosing the costume you want to make it original and unique, you are in luck, because our jewelry will give it that special and different touch . It will be a personalized costume if you add one of our necklaces or bracelets, for example the Skull Bracelet , which is at the level of the most detail-oriented, and in addition, you can choose the cord with one of the Halloween colors: orange, purple or black , and the skull can be made of silver or gold plated.

Personalized HOPS rosary, to keep evil spirits away on Halloween

And to keep vampires, ghosts and witches at bay, nothing better than one of our rosaries. You can choose it with purple , black or red crystals and personalize it by engraving your name on the cross with our designer's beautiful calligraphy .

This Halloween add a touch of color to your costume, add a HOPS jewel .

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February 04, 2022 — admin