Season after season, fashion designers try to dress us in their own way, innovating in colors, patterns, lights... Now it's spring-summer , undoubtedly a time that everyone loves. Its shapes, colors and designs fill stores and shop windows with life.

During this month, the major titles of national and international fashion magazines dictate the key trends of the season in their issues. The ones that paraded on the catwalks in New York , London or Milan , we will find them in all stores... now! Because even if the (atmospheric) weather is not in their favor, the boutiques already smell like spring, fresh flowers and summer weather.

We have selected some of them (there are almost 20) and we have adapted one of our jewels to them. HOPS is a brand with a lot of personality and very defined characteristics, but what is clear is that it is a current brand, which knows how to adapt to changes and what is coming, season after season.

Do you want to see some of them?

- First of all, it doesn't surprise you. A classic that is reinvented but always works: pale pink . Between nude and quartz, powdery tones add femininity.

Our HOPS proposal: Butterfly Bracelet . Romantic and delicate, the personalized Butterfly medal will bring you lightness of body and soul. Engraved with name or date, the medals are ideal.

- Safari style . In dresses with movement, jumpsuits and oversized jackets. A perfect mix of animal prints and military style worn with elegance and style.

Our HOPS proposal: the casual silver touch of the Cross Necklace with the matching Cross Earrings .

- New minimal . Simplicity in capital letters. Less is more in jewelry and accessories.

Our HOPS proposal: Felicia silver thread bracelet . Medal in solid silver or gold plating. The Felicia bracelet is decorated with a silver thread that gives it an ideal elegant touch. The butterfly attached to the hoop represents the free spirit that escapes from its routine.

- Green, I love you green . Knit, paillettes and lace to decline the color of hope.

Our HOPS proposal: Green Agate Charco Bracelet . Solid silver or gold plating. Green agate brings many very beneficial properties for the heart in addition to developing self-esteem. Mixed with the hand-engraved Charco medal, it will bring you good mood and joy.

- A lot of money . Mirror effect fabrics, metallic details and futuristic motifs.

Our HOPS proposal: Mini Charms Bracelet . Solid silver chain with solid silver or gold plated medals. Mix silver with gold plating, or prefer all silver... choose how you like best. The Mini Charms bracelet is refined and brings light to your wrist.

What did you think of this brief preview? wanting more?

Dress spring your way and choose HOPS jewelry .

February 04, 2022 — admin