There is very little time left until the end of the school year, and it seems like it was yesterday when we were talking about "back to school", but the truth is that the little ones are about to finish the course , they have become older and more responsible, they They have become more independent and are a year older. At HOPS we are prepared for the end of the course.

Diana necklace 4 cm.

 Should we give a thank you gift to our children's teachers? It is a fairly widespread custom, to have a detail with those responsible for our children acquiring values ​​and the first tools to walk through life. In our online jewelry store we have many original ideas and we have been making many teachers happy for years.

Olympia Necklace

Do you want to give a personalized piece of jewelry to your child 's teacher ? Here we show you some from our catalog that you will love and that will excite you. We also accept orders for collective gifts in which you can engrave the name of the children participating in a medal and add another with the name of the teacher.

Our jewelry is useful, personalized gifts that will not stay in a drawer, that have a very modern design and that you can adapt to the style of each teacher, if you add a chain or a cord. You can choose to make it in solid silver or gold-plated. In addition, they look very elegant with the hand engraving, a completely handmade work that you will surely get right. If you have to give a gift to your children's teachers, think about HOPS, very classy gifts.


February 04, 2022 — admin