At HOPS we know how important vacations are, especially now that the heat becomes suffocating from 11 in the morning. It's time to flood the beaches, to forget about work and worries to enjoy with the family. From our online jewelry store we offer you a very glamorous vacation, ideal places to relax and to wear a HOPS jewelry.

We start with Saint-Tropez , the most iconic little town on the French Riviera , converted in the 1950s, thanks to cinema, into the favorite place of the Nouvelle Vague and, later, the vacation spot of the “jet-set”. ” European and North American. And if we talk about the “jet-set”, we cannot forget Marbella , a place that is associated with parties and luxury . Its beaches and friendly climate continue to attract thousands of tourists every year.

Saint Tropez, Marbella and Biarritz. A Hops gem for every landscape


But if what you are looking for is to escape from the madding crowd and the heat, then we recommend Biarritz, elegant, stately and where anyone can recover from the stressful rhythm of the cities. Whatever destination you choose, we propose one of our jewelry , which will enhance your beauty, your tan and with which you will set your style.

If you are an island lover, Menorca is highly recommended if what you want is a family vacation, on dream beaches and enjoying its exquisite cuisine. For the most gourmets, Corsica, the French island, will not leave you indifferent. The Sublime, as the Greeks called it, offers paradisiacal landscapes with great contrasts, very different from each other.

Menorca, Corsica and Cabo de Gata: places with a HOPS soul

Cabo de Gata , in Almería, is another of our places with soul, where you can show off one of our jewels that can blend with the wild and wild landscape. A place where you can listen to the silence, away from buildings and noise, declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO .

Places where our personalized, hand-engraved jewelry wants to accompany you, because we like to be with you in the moments that are worth remembering.



February 04, 2022 — admin