Summer is here, HOPS loves it because our jewelry looks much better when wearing less clothes. Summer also helps us try to get in shape and diet to look slimmer because we will show off our body in the sun, both in the pool and on the beach.

This summer combine a HOPS jewel with the new bohemian, boho-inspired styles. A very desirable look that fills our wardrobe with color with very stylish ethnic or floral prints.

Hops bracelets and necklaces, to customize to your liking

And since Hops adapts to all our styles, we offer you our jewelry catalog in which you can hand-engrave your hippie messages, combine them with floral cords or add semi-precious stones.

HOPS necklaces and bracelets, for all summer moments

Also wear our jewelry on the beach and in the pool , they are so comfortable that you won't take them off. You can combine them with the bikinis that are all the rage this season: the neoprene ones.

The quality of our jewelry is sun and salt proof; of wind and tide. You can be the most stylish at any time of the day or night thanks to our jewelry, and since you can personalize them , there is no look that can resist a HOPS bracelet or necklace!


February 04, 2022 — admin