At HOPS we have everything you need to become a jewelry designer. You choose the model and personalize it through artisanal engraving and adding one of our semi-precious stones, which give your jewelry elegance and exclusivity.

That's why when personalizing your jewelry, don't forget to add a semi-precious stone. Stones, of mineral or plant origin, such as amber, have been used since ancient times to enhance the beauty of jewelry, but they have also been attributed with healing powers or the ability to attract luck and positive energy to our lives.

Maille Charms Bracelet and Charco Cord Bracelet

With the Maille Char ms Bracelet you will attract luck, but if you add semi-precious stones (green agate, rose quartz, amber, turquoise, coral and amethyst) you will increase its value and give it that touch of elegance and originality that only with HOPS jewelry you can achieve . Green agate for the Charco Cordón Bracelet , which in addition to enhancing the beauty of the medal, will reinforce your self-esteem and is very beneficial for the skin.

Since the dawn of history, jewelry has accompanied men and women who found their value beyond showing their power or economic strength. Necklaces and bracelets contain the symbolism that the wearer gives them in themselves or through a semi-precious stone that enhances their beauty and attracts fortune to their life.

Diana Heart Chain Necklace, Cross Chain Necklace and Nina Chain Necklace

Rose quartz , which looks so good with our Diana Heart Necklace, will fill you with a feeling of peace and well-being. Turquoise looks very elegant with Our Cross Chain Necklace , and will help you increase your level of attention and encourages communication. Amethyst is the stone of creativity and looks ideal with our Nina Chain Necklace . Which one do you prefer?



February 04, 2022 — admin