We don't need to tell you that accessories and complements are the best allies to transform a look . They are so important in fashion that there is no designer who can resist them. Key pieces that, in addition to their aesthetic function, help, among other things: to improve an outfit , to enhance the color, to give prominence to a garment, to focus a part of the style...

Among the favorite basics: bags, belts, glasses, scarves..., those that we reserve for special occasions and those that we use daily. That's why our HOPS #jewels are so complete. Pieces that you can use in your daily life, providing that touch that you are looking for in all your looks .

Those that work daily, especially simple and simple jewelry . Like silver thread #bracelets , they are so comfortable to wear that you won't want to take them off. And the same thing happens with #necklaces. Stylize the neck with a nice neckline, or enhance it if you decide to wear a masculine style shirt, for example.

But today, Friday, everything changes. Today we want to enhance our look and make it special. Give it style, gain light, color, femininity... Whether you have a special dinner or a meet-up with friends, sign up for today's star proposal. We are sure that you will shine and HOPS will give you the key. A lingerie-style dress (one of the season's favorite bets) and HOPS crystal bracelets . You will be able to outshine even on a closed and dark night because they are full of light and brightness. Don't they seem perfect to you?

Willing to try our tips? Share with HOPS your styling tips and tricks as well as your favorite photos.

Happy weekend with HOPS .

February 04, 2022 — admin