Summer vacations leave us rested and with renewed energy to face a new year full of challenges. We return to the routine, but we must maintain, for as long as possible, the positive energy that we have been accumulating on vacation. How can we do it?

At HOPS , we suggest that you add a semi-precious stone to your bracelet or necklace , and you will achieve, in addition to adding a note of color and adding beauty to your jewel, attract what you need at all times.

HOPS semi-precious stones: turquoises, amethysts and pearls


Semi-precious stones will make your jewelry more original and attractive, they will add color and enhance your energy capabilities, becoming your allies to maintain all the positive energy and strength that you accumulated during the summer period.

Turquoise enhances communication skills and creativity. It will also protect you because it absorbs negative energy; Amethyst will help you combat post-vacation stress and develop intuition; and pearls will help you overcome fears and anxieties. They symbolize innocence and purity. Its bearers are fair, kind and loyal.

HOPS semi-precious stones: green agate and coral


The coral will charge you with positive energy and will help you face difficult situations, in which we are evaluated in some way: in exams or job interviews; and green agate protects us from dangers, producing a feeling of peace and calm to its owner. It also drives away negativity, envy and contributes to physical and emotional balance.

Choose your jewelry, personalize it with the phrases or names you want and add a HOPS semi-precious stone to attract the magic that our jewelry will provide you.


February 04, 2022 — admin