Women's fascination with necklaces dates back to the most ancient civilizations. The necklace enhances the beauty of the neck and with it makes your look achieve harmony and beauty.

At HOPS we have a wide variety of medals, chains and cords so that you can design, to your liking and with your style, the necklace you want , completely personalized.


They are ideal accessories that can help stylize your figure , highlight your attributes, make your style change from casual from day to day or give it a touch of elegance necessary to look sophisticated at night.

Necklaces that can be combined with a wide variety of cords

In our online jewelry we offer you the possibility of creating the necklace you need for each moment. The medals , of different types and sizes, can be combined with silver or gold-plated chains with different lengths. If you are looking for a more informal style, try our laces available in a wide variety of colors so you can combine them with your fashion clothes.

Chains: 42 cm, 55 cm and 80 cm

If what you want is to show off the silhouette of your neck , you can choose a shorter chain that fits snugly around your contour. These chain lengths (42 cm) look great with V-neck or box-neck blouses.

Now that we are in autumn and turtlenecks become our seasonal staples, wearing a necklace with a long chain (80 cm) and a HOPS medal will completely change your style from sober to elegant, and will illuminate the dark tones of our clothes.


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February 04, 2022 — admin