After the long vacation period, it's back to school. At HOPS we know that it is essential to motivate the little ones to face the new year with joy, enthusiasm and desire.

The reunion with classmates and the news of the course : new teachers, new books and activities are the incentives that can motivate our children the most. If you still don't see them very animated, try these tips :

Explain to them that both mom and dad have also had to return to their respective jobs and that continuing at home would end up being very boring. Remind them that they will see their friends again and that they will do activities that they cannot do at home.

Give them a gift that they are excited about and that they can share with their classmates. In this sense , HOPS has a series of proposals in the form of personalized jewelry that will make you feel very good. And our medals are engraved by hand , by hand, with their name or with the phrase that you know will excite them.

HOPS bracelets and necklaces, you will feel like the kings of school

Our jewelry is useful, fun and comfortable , so the little ones will be delighted to wear a Hops necklace or bracelet , on which we can engrave the message that we know they will be excited about or useful information, such as mom or dad's phone number. .

The kings of the house deserve everything

Choose which combination you prefer for our medals: chains or brightly colored cords, which they will love and will add a touch of color, in the autumn that is just around the corner.

A few days before returning to school, your eating and sleeping schedules should be restored. And the first days of class it would be good to give them a boost of energy so that they don't feel down and lacking desire.

Lastly, set an example. Be happy, willing to work so that they see that returning to routine is not bad.

The little ones in the house have to face the new course with enthusiasm and have a good disposition. The more this is the case, the more they will learn and the more motivated they will be to deal with it.



February 04, 2022 — admin