HOPS exists and grows every day because the media talks about the brand and its soulful jewelry. We sincerely thank all those who talk about us, wear our jewelry with messages and unconditionally support our brand.

In this section you can consult all those publications in which we have appeared, read reviews and see what the media says about HOPS, jewels with soul.

"What we like most about HOPS is that its pieces can be personalized, making them the perfect gift for a special occasion like Valentine's Day. There's a reason HOPS' motto is 'jewelry with soul'!"

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"HOPS personalized jewelry meets all the requirements that a good first communion gift requires; it must be beautiful, it must be something special and thoughtful, it must be a memory for life and it must be original."

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Tatin's wedding

"Elena always gives her father funny cufflinks. So for the big day the bride had an idea that blew us away: 'I engraved some silver cufflinks from Hops with the following phrase: Daddy, will you take me to the altar?' "

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trendy mom

"As is the case with Hops, a brand that is dedicated to selling personalized jewelry online. They are all engraved by hand which gives it a childish touch. They have everything from medals to cufflinks, keychains... It is the perfect gift!"

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María León Style

"A website to keep in mind if you want to find personalized jewelry."

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Martina's Wardrobe

"Today I show you another of the little gifts that they have sent me, but this was one of the most special that they have ever given me. It is the personalized jewelry from HOPS: they have engraved in me the most special thing in my life... MOM I LOVE YOU !"

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Satin Blue

"I have always been a big fan of personalized jewelry, and recently I discovered a store that offers us endless ways and means to get it. Hops are personalized jewelry that hides a world of emotions."

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Sea style

"It is a pleasure to be able to wear this type of jewelry, brighten any look with them and remind ourselves every day of that person or phrase or dream that we have stamped on our fabulous jewelry."

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"HOPS is an online jewelry store specialized in all types of engraved jewelry that seeks to distinguish itself by creating jewelry that becomes authentic gifts, with soul: memories of those that last and accompany us throughout life."

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for the baby

"When you think everything is done, you go and come face to face with these wonders that you have never seen. Personalizing jewelry is nothing new, but not everyone knows how to do it and not all personalized jewelry is so original and simple at the same time."

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Pattylargas, María Galán's blog

"Their author, OLIMPE, engraves them manually and puts the phrase you want on them. So that they carry part of your soul. Hence her brand HOPS, jewelry with soul, in which you can find pieces as special as these."

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"What differentiates HOPS from other jewelry stores? Their jewelry is true works of art that express feelings and emotions. HOPS engraves the message of love, passion or friendship that you want so that your loved one always carries that memory with them."

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"A simple line, a very wearable design and a beautiful recording. And all this at sensible prices. Keep this in mind when you have to give a birthday gift to a girl. It is a different and very personal gift."

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Amanda Chic

"Today I'm wearing this Hops necklace, which is made up of intertwined hearts [...] if you are thinking of a super special gift for these holidays, something that has a unique and special meaning, I think this could be a great idea."

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woman's temptations

"If you want to surprise your daughter with an original gift, we suggest jewelry with soul that HOPS puts at your disposal. Different pieces of shapes and materials, in gold and silver, with different details with semi-precious stones such as purple amethysts or a small cross in mother-of-pearl, small jewels that will not leave you indifferent."

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Andrea Carballo

"As a necklace I wear this beautiful star from the HOPS brand. Mine is personalized and they have a lot of accessories and very special treatment. I declare myself a fan of this website, they have beautiful things!"



"Today I want to talk to you about a jewelry brand that I fell in love with as soon as I discovered it: they are defined as 'jewelry with soul' and the truth is that I have to tell you that each one is more beautiful. Beba was given, for her First Communion, one with his name that he has carried everywhere ever since.

Cinnamon, Bach and other aromas

"A tribute. She gave me this Hops bracelet, jewelry with soul, a project I told you about in January. What better than a star (the one she and I have), with her name and date of birth."


Keys by Juliet Fog

"My sister just surprised me with this cute pendant gift from HOPS. I love it and I will not take it off even to sleep."


Cris's storage room

"I already showed you the jewel I'm wearing on Instagram stories: I love it! It's from Hops and it has a J engraved on it, the initial of my boy and my little one, it's beautiful, right? It's ideal for giving as a gift, I advise you to take take a look at their website."


Tonight I am a princess

"It is not always easy to find that jewel, that JEWEL WITH SOUL that accompanies us in our daily lives and reminds us of the path we have traveled. That is why as soon as we discovered HOPS we could not help but discover it."


Style and fashion

"The HOPS brand celebrates Halloween with you, and suggests you closely follow the trends with its elegant gold-plated skulls."

After Paula's print

"I'm wearing flared jeans from SALSA JEANS from this season, a turkey feather shirt from FLAMENCO from 2 years ago, a belt from ZARA from this summer, wedge ankle boots from MUSTANG, glasses from CARRERA, a suede bag in colors from NICE THINGS, PARFOIS clock and HOPS pendant."


"If there is something that fascinates me, it is wearing jewelry that hides a special meaning. The latest? This delicate HOPS bracelet with a gold-plated heart and a 100% personalized engraving." My baby charlotte "I ran onto the HOPS website to gossip about all their products and I liked each one I saw more and more. Olympe, its creator, contacted me to tell me which model I had chosen and, best of all of everything, that I could personalize it."

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"The result of a personal initiative, these jewels engraved with the greatest care and great taste are wonderful for saying something." Newcomer "It was then when I found Olympe's hand-engraved jewelry, with a golden heart and an engraved phrase that touched my heart. I loved it, it was like making a custom dress, choosing the model, the fabric and writing the name of your own label."

Time for fashion

"In the HOPS brand you can personalize pendants, bracelets, pacifier chains, cufflinks... by engraving the name or motifs that you like the most."