On Valentine's Day, say it with a HOPS jewel

Cupid is, in Roman mythology, the god of love, his name means “desire”. It is the same one that in Greek mythology received the name of Eros or Kāmadeva in Hindu mythology. At HOPS We do not escape the influence of Cupid and we want to reach every heart reached with the magical arrow that transforms us and makes us see everything pink...

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At HOPS we have everything you need to become a jewelry designer. You choose the model and personalize it through artisanal engraving and adding one of our semi-precious stones, which give your jewelry elegance and exclusivity. That's why when personalizing your jewelry, don't forget to add a semi-precious stone. Stones, of mineral or plant origin, such as amber, have been used since...

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Christmas is here! And at HOPS we want to accompany you with our new collection of jewelry, for you and your loved ones who deserve all the love on these important dates. Our new jewelry collection is inspired by you: a woman of plural character, sometimes divine, mischievous, elegant, feline; and other times sensual, delicate and enigmatic. Jewelry to bring out the...

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