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Surely you know that the spring and early summer months are the most popular when it comes to choosing a date to get married . Taking into account the amount of time it takes to plan all the details of a wedding, we have no doubt that many couples choose the fall months to get engaged . This post is dedicated to all of them; because we know how difficult it is to choose an engagement gift to show your affection to the person you love most and because at HOPS we design jewelry with soul , ideal to wear every day and remind the wearer of the most special moments in their life.

Do you want to surprise your partner in the traditional way, in a restaurant or in front of the Eiffel Tower, or are you looking for something more daring like the Russian chocolate roulette from the movie Every Day of My Life or the daffodil garden from Big Fish ? In any case, the jewelry we propose is perfect for your fiancé or fiancee to remember the moment forever . Which of them do you like the most?

Toi&Moi Necklace : Gold or solid silver plating

Toi&Moi Necklace

We reinvent the classic engagement ring with this simple and elegant necklace that looks with all types of clothing, both day and night; He will always wear it! The Toi&Moi model is full of feeling, as it symbolizes and protects the union between two people . In addition, it has two different lengths on the same chain so you can adapt it to the size that is most comfortable at all times. You will love it!

Diana Heart Bracelet : Gold or solid silver plating

Diana Heart Bracelet

The iconic HOPS medal is one of the best options when it comes to making your most important statements . And it is not only heart-shaped , but it also allows you to record completely personalized messages. What do you want to say to that special person? Dare to wear the Diana Corazón bracelet!

Mini Heart Chain Necklace and Mini Heart Bracelet Red Crystal : Gold plating or solid silver

Mini Heart Chain Necklace and Mini Heart Bracelet Red Crystal

The Heart medal can be set on a chain or cord, as a pendant or on a bracelet... you have a lot of options to choose your favorite! Personalize it with the engraving of a name, a date or some words of love or affection to turn it into an unforgettable memory ; Ideal for gifting separately or as a set!


Do you want to consider more options before deciding on the most suitable engagement gift for you? Do not hesitate to visit our Proposal Gifts section. We have more than forty jewelry models so you can choose the one you like the most!


February 04, 2022 — admin