HOPS, Recetas con alma para Halloween

Halloween: Fear, Jewelry and recipes!

We return to our blog to share “tricks” with you and be part of your Halloween night. How to win over our loved ones? With love, affection and delicious recipes!

Why advise you on a cooking recipe on our blog when we are dedicated to selling personalized jewelry?

Well, we believe that in life everything is linked. Those who like to enjoy life will like to eat and drink well, share with friends, share with their family. You will like beautiful objects, making yourself pretty with clothes, accessories and…jewelry!

Enjoying life is also sharing important moments, communicating and sharing feelings: saying the important things. But the words fly, and if you write them, here they are: engraved inside the silver or gold. And that is our job, to offer you personalized necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, bookmarks, etc. with a lot of love and affection.

Today we are here to give you a recipe that you are going to love, because sharing is also making others happy with a delicious lunch or dinner. Being around a table among people who love each other and having a good time.

If you are preparing your Halloween night, or we are going to give you an easy-to-make and very delicious recipe idea!: Halloween Special Pumpkin Cream (for 6 people)


  • Carrots: 300g
  • Onion: 200 grams,
  • Leeks: 200g,
  • Pumpkin: 1kg,
  • Garlic: 3 Cloves,
  • 1 bouquet of herbs (bouquet garni),
  • Cream: 40cl,
  • Salt, pepper, butter.

- Cut the vegetables into thick cubes and reduce them in the butter.

- Add 1.5 liters of water. Add the crushed garlic and the bunch of herbs, salt, and pepper. Let cook for 1 hour.

- Blend until you obtain a cream

- Add the cream and serve hot.

Little trick: You can add croutons, grated cheese, bacon afterwards 😊

For a guaranteed surprise effect: Serve inside an empty pumpkin: It's scary!

We wish you a happy Halloween party, full of fear and laughter.

As accessories, we recommend our personalized jewelry: The personalized Luna necklace. It can be worn plain as in the photo, or with the engraving: "to the moon"

The Little star chain necklace can also be worn plain or engraved with a name or a short word, an important date.

Personalized moon necklaces with chain and star little star HOPS Halloween Jewelry

You will also love our Skull bracelets: With colored skulls and gold or silver beads according to your taste. Or a more discreet but very rock bracelet with the golden skull.

Personalized bracelets with beads and colorful skulls Halloween giftsHOPS gold skull bracelet jewelry with soul Halloween accessory

October 28, 2022 — Olympe Cathalan

Personalized jewelry: the best Christmas gift for families

Hello again HOPS friends!

There are very few days left until the arrival of Santa Claus and only a few more for the Three Wise Men to stop by our homes. Have you already thought about what gift you will ask them for this year? At HOPS we have the best Christmas gift for families: our personalized jewelry . They are ideal for moms and dads, grandparents, friends... and for the little ones in the house!

We have a lot of models for all ages and personalities: which one best suits you? Let's find out!

Jewelry with personalized engravings: These jewelry are ideal if you want to engrave on the medal a drawing, some signatures, a phrase with your handwriting... or any other image or text that you want to reproduce as is. These medals can be set into pendants, such as the Nina Necklace , the Saphir Necklace and theDiana 4cm Necklace ; in bracelets, such as theDiana 2cm Bracelet , the Charco Bracelet or the Héctor Bracelet ; or on keychains such as the Diana 3cm or the Silver Keychain .


Jewelry with boys and girls medals: At HOPS we have medals in the shapes of boys and girls of different sizes. The largest ones are the ones you can find in jewelry like the Boy-Girl-Sidonie Keychain or the Nina Bubble Necklace . The Gordo Gorda Bracelet medals are somewhat smaller, although you can still engrave your little one's name on them. And if you want something discreet, our boy and girl medals from the Figurines collection are what you are looking for: one centimeter medals on which you can engrave the initial of your loved ones.

In addition, you can wrap all the jewelry you give this Christmas in transparent Christmas balls, ideal for hanging from the tree and surprising your family! A precious detail that will remain forever in your memories.


February 04, 2022 — admin

10% discount on all HOPS jewelry during Black Friday

Hello again HOPS friends!

There's nothing left for Black Friday and at HOPS we want to celebrate it with you. As? Well, offering a 10% discount to all customers who make their purchases between 00:01 and 23:59 on Friday, November 24 : an ideal opportunity to get Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

To benefit from this discount you just have to choose the jewelry you want to buy in our online store, customize it to your liking and add it to the cart. When you go to finish the purchase process, we will ask you if you have a discount code: write BFhops17 in the text field and click on the “Apply coupon” button; You will automatically see your 10% discount applied to the value of your purchase!

Don't know which jewelry to choose to show your love to that person? At HOPS we offer different models depending on the recipient of the jewel or the time of year . For example, if you are thinking about taking advantage of the discount for your Christmas purchases, we recommend taking a look at our Christmas gift catalogue; If what you are looking for is an original piece of jewelry that the little one in the house can wear everywhere, our suggestion is that you stop by our children's jewelry section.

Do you want to succeed with a gift for moms or grandmothers ? Then we recommend necklaces and bracelets with medals in the shape of boys and girls , which can also be personalized by adding as many medals as there are family members and engraving on each of them the name or initial of the person they represent. Some examples of these jewelry would be the Figuritas necklaces and bracelets , the Gordo-Gorda bracelet or the Familia necklace and bracelet ; They will always carry it with them!

Finally, remember that almost all our medals can be combined with chains, cords or, if you want your jewelry to look even more original, with any of our Liberty fabrics , wave elastics or monochrome or two-color satin elastics : as you see, the options are! infinite! So mark the Black Friday date in your diary so you don't miss out on this offer: it will only be available on our website on Friday, November 24!


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Jewelry for Halloween: a touch of fear for the scariest party

Hello again HOPS friends!

Halloween night is approaching and we are sure that many of you already have a party or a special plan for that day. Whether as a family, as a couple or with friends, this is one of the most fun celebrations of the year and, as in all special moments, at HOPS we also want to be part of your party through our personalized jewelry. For this reason, today we want to show you some of the models in our Halloween jewelry catalog and also give you some ideas on how to personalize your jewelry to adapt it to this celebration; you will love them!

Skull Bracelet

The jewelry: The Skull Bracelet is one of the Halloween bracelets that our customers like the most due to its simple design and elegance. But, if you are one of those who prefer something more colorful, the Color Skull Bracelet may be your ideal model: you can choose the skull in pink, turquoise or purple and the balls in solid silver or gold plating; The color of the cord is completely up to you!


Jewelry for Halloween

The engravings: Opt for texts related to the party, for example:

  • Little monster
  • I would do magic for you
  • Happy Halloween!
  • Obverse: I know you are a witch…
  • Reverse: because whenever I need you you show up!
  • Witch friends
  • Obverse: Forget the ghosts…
  • Reverse: the danger is me!
  • Today it is allowed to be a bit of a ghost

Shorter phrases are perfect for small medals, such as the Sidonie or Hector medals; Phrases with many characters will look better on larger medals such as the Diana 3cm and 4cm or the Saphir medal. Divide the phrases between the two sides of the medal and the result will be much more fun and special!

And if you prefer a drawing, dare to send us your design and choose your favorite personalized engraved jewel : we will capture the image you send us on it! Let your imagination fly: witches, bats, pumpkins, ghosts...


The colors for the cord: Purple, red and gray are three colors that are successful at Halloween. But if you prefer a more neutral jewel, that goes with everything, don't complicate things: the usual black. And if you are going to dress up, the most original thing is to combine the color of the cord of your jewelry with that of your costume: guaranteed success!

And now that you have chosen your perfect accessory, there is only one detail left… enjoy the party to the fullest!


February 04, 2022 — admin

Fall trends; Renew your wardrobe and your accessories!

Hello again HOPS friends!

Autumn is just around the corner and we want to take the opportunity to share with you some fashion tips that will be successful this season. Furthermore, in this post we will advise you on which are the best jewelry to wear with the most popular looks.

Are you ready to dress up to date?

Personalized silver infinity bracelet

The color red: In dresses, in blouses, in pants, in coats... but also in sticks and lipsticks and in accessories, such as shoes, bags, and of course, also in jewelry! This fall/winter, opt for our cord necklaces and bracelets and choose the color red to be on trend. It goes perfect with both silver and gold-plated medals and we have it available in two different thicknesses: 1mm and 2mm.

Our recommendations to combine with this color? In necklaces, we undoubtedly opted for the Diana Sol medal, the Olympia Necklace or the Yasmina Necklace ; Add a red coral stone and the result will be spectacular. As for bracelets, we are in love with the Diana Corazón and the Infinito Bracelet models… and they are super attractive!

collar personalizado Diana 4 cm plata elegante

Vinyl garments: Bold and with a sexy touch, vinyl clothing becomes the protagonist of this season: pants and skirts, tops and even jackets are dressed with this material to give shine to our look in the coldest season of the year. anus. To combine with this type of clothing, we recommend choosing a modern piece of jewelry, such as the Diana 3cm and Diana 4cm necklaces and bracelets: they are very attractive and will give a touch of light to your look (especially if you choose to wear dark vinyl). . Combine them with a lace that matches your outfit and you will get a 10 look.

Personalized gold smoky quartz puddle bracelet

Western fashion: We don't know if it will be due to the international success of the HBO series Westworld or if it will have something to do with the comfort that these garments give us, but this fall a classic is being reinvented again: fashion inspired by Western movies. old west In most of them, brown, sand or muted green colors predominate: our recommendation is that you follow this same range when it comes to jewelry. For example, the Charco Bracelet and the Héctor Bracelet combined with smoky quartz stones will be a success to accompany this type of looks. If, in addition, you choose a beige, chocolate or khaki cord, success is assured. Another perfect option are the Ginkgo Hoop Bracelets and the Diana bracelets with leather cord .


February 04, 2022 — admin

Back to school is coming! Sweeten the moment with HOPS jewelry

Hello again HOPS friends!

To inaugurate the new course, at HOPS we have expanded our jewelry catalog : so that the little ones can start the course with joy ! Some of our new models are the Cubitos bracelet and necklaces , with a childish and modern touch ideal for children, or the Mini Estrella bracelet , so discreet that they can wear it to school every day.

But these are just some of the options in our children's jewelry catalog! In this article we will reveal to you which are the favorite jewelry of the little ones in the house so that you can be sure when it comes to giving them a gift; guaranteed illusion!

Jewelry for back to school

The Butterfly Necklace is a girl's favorite because the medal is super cute: it can be engraved with a name, a date, or a special word. It can also be personalized by adding some stones, such as a pearl, a coral flower or a mother-of-pearl star : whatever the little one likes the most!

Other favorite models of slightly older girls are the Constellation Earrings , available in both solid silver and three-micron gold plating , and the Sidonie Bracelet , which can carry one or several medals of different shapes to choose from: round , heart or clover . They are perfect jewelry for teenage girls !

Jewelry for back to school - Diana Necklace 2cm

The Diana 2cm Necklace is a unisex model, ideal for boys and girls to wear a discreet but useful piece of jewelry: on the one hand, it engraves the name of the boy or girl; on the other, the phone number of the father or mother. In case there is any emergency at any time! In addition, this medal is also available as a 2cm Diana Bracelet , in case the little ones find it more comfortable to wear the jewel on their wrist than on their neck; because your well-being comes first !


Jewelry for back to school - Soñadora Necklace

The Soñadora Necklace also delights girls because of the shape of its medals: a cloud with a die-cut star on which a word, a name or a date can be engraved, and between one and five little stars on which a letter can be engraved. or a number. If the girl is already a teenager, this same model in bracelet format is her ideal piece of jewelry due to its modern and original design . You will always carry it with you!

Do you want more recommendations for HOPS jewelry ideal for back to school? Then don't miss these articles from Charhadas , PequeOcio and For the baby in which you can see different models of jewelry for boys and girls and read reviews of our products. So that you have no doubts when giving one of our jewels with soul!



February 04, 2022 — admin

Summer jewelry: the must-haves that can't be missing in your suitcase!

Hello again HOPS friends!

This vacation, your only worry will be deciding what clothes to pack… because we can help you with accessories! In this post we propose the best jewelry to combine with your style, the “must” this summer to give your look a personal touch.

Take a look at these tips on fashion trends to inspire you when creating outfits:

Drop Necklace, Sidonie Bracelet and Little Star Earrings

The color blue: The color of the clear sky, the calm sea, the swimming pools... Subconsciously, light blue reminds us of good and cool weather, so it is one of the most used colors of summer. We love to combine it, both in necklaces and bracelets , with gold-plated medals because it creates a super summer effect: the gold of the sun's rays and the blue of the water; super refreshing!

But if you are more into chain or hoop bracelets, we suggest another way to integrate blue into your favorite jewelry: through stones like blue agate or turquoise .

Trebolito Bracelet

Flowers: In summer flowers are always a trend. They can be large or small, romantic, oriental or Hawaiian in style. And the best thing is that they can be worn at any time of the day, both in the morning and at night... Flowers with everything!

Our Coral Flower Bracelet , the Clover Necklace or the Trebolito Bracelet are some of the models that we recommend if you want to wear floral jewelry: elegant, delicate and romantic, they are a breath of fresh air for this summer.

Another option is to combine our medals with Liberty fabrics with a floral print: in different styles and sizes, it is a super feminine print that provides sensuality and freshness.

Which one do you prefer?

Bubble Bracelet

Combined jewelry: Gold and silver are no longer at odds in the same look; Now they are trending! But… what are the best models to combine these two finishes? The Bubble necklaces and bracelets are the most fun in our catalog but, if you prefer something more classic, you can also opt for the Spring Bracelets or the Silver Thread and Gold Thread bracelets. Dare to mix colors and surrender to the pleasant summer with HOPS.

And finally, whatever model you choose... take the opportunity to fully personalize your jewel! Engrave your favorite words, add one of our colored cords for a more casual and beachy style, ideal to match with your bikini or swimsuit, or one of our chains to combine with an elegant dress... Enjoy creating a unique piece of jewelry! , made by and for you!


February 04, 2022 — admin

HOPS Jewelry for your First Communion: gifts to remember!

Hello again HOPS friends!

A child's communion is a very special day that both he or she and the entire family will remember for a lifetime. It is an unforgettable moment that deserves to be immortalized, and our medals are the best way to preserve a memory of this date forever.

Whether as a gift for children or as a souvenir for attendees, HOPS jewelry is an original and unique souvenir. To do this, we propose a range of personalized gifts full of spirituality for young communicants. Do you want to discover them?

Regalo Primera Comunión Collar Mini Corazón y Pendientes Cruz

At HOPS we are committed to the idea that not all Communion jewelry has to be cross-shaped. For example, some of girls' favorite models are the Mini Heart Necklace and Bracelet, the Cloud Necklace or the Butterfly Necklace .

If you are looking for something more spiritual, you can choose our Diana Heart Necklace , to which you can add a coral rose (symbol of the Virgin Mary) that will make it very special. And for children, the Héctor and Mini Héctor bracelets are the ideal gift: simple and discreet bracelets that they can always carry with them.

Regalo Primera Comunión Rosario de Cristal

But if you like the classic, our cross models are also ideal, as we bring a breath of fresh air to transform traditional medals into unique, original and modern gifts . For example, the Cruz Inés Bracelet allows you to carry the name of the boy or girl on the front and the date of their First Communion on the back; The silver thread gives it a touch of elegance and personality.

Another piece of jewelry that allows you to engrave the name of the communicant and the date is the Cross medal, available as a necklace and bracelet . In addition, this model is available in solid gold upon request: you can order it by email contacto@hops.es

We have also reinvented the Communion jewel par excellence. How sweet it will be to pray with our glass Rosary ! It is available in red, purple and black, and it is the best option if you want the little ones to be able to wear the jewel on the day of their First Communion.

Regalo Primera Comunión Pendientes Cruz

Our Nina and Sidonie medals with an engraving of a little angel on the obverse and a mother-of-pearl cross are also ideal for the occasion. They are available in necklace and bracelet. Do you want to customize it even more? Add the girl's name and the date of her communion on the back so she can always remember it.

Another perfect jewel to wear at communion are the Cross Earrings , available in gold and silver. A very wearable model that girls will enjoy both when they are little and when they get older!

Finally, if you want to give a souvenir to the attendees, we recommend our stone bracelets or the Pineapple or Feather necklaces. If you prefer engraved jewelry, two good options would be the Mini Heart and Mini Hector medals, with the name of the communicant on the front and the date on the back. Additionally, for large orders we make custom quotes, so don't hesitate and request yours without obligation by writing to contacto@hops.es

Make this date an unforgettable day!


February 04, 2022 — admin

Give emotions on Mother's Day, the most beautiful surprises for her!

Hello again HOPS friends!

The most important thing for a mother is her children: mothers are always by their children's side to help them, support them and love them throughout their lives, without asking for anything in return. In short: there is only one mother. And because she is unique, she deserves a unique gift!

Next Sunday, May 7, Mother's Day is celebrated : it is the perfect occasion to tell her that we love her and that we thank her for always being by our side. And what can bring her more happiness than a personalized gift, special for her, with some words of love from her own children, their names hand-engraved or even a drawing of her little ones that she can always carry with her? It's pure emotion!

Jewelry for Mother's Day

If you are already preparing the celebration, you probably have questions about what to give: how to get the most appropriate gift that, at the same time, is unique and different? At HOPS we have a gift for every type of mother , so it will be very easy for you to choose.

For bohemian moms: they like fashion, but they dress in a casual and comfortable way. For them we have thought of the Charco Bracelet . Personalize your message and we assure you it won't be taken away.

For classic moms: they always dress very elegantly and do not let themselves be carried away by fashion because they have already chosen their style. For them we recommend the Yasmina Real Necklace ; It will certainly make you very happy!

Yasmina Real Necklace

For modern moms: if your mom is a fashion victim , try giving her our Family Bracelet ; You will feel trendy! Choose the color of the cord and personalize the jewelry by choosing the message on the round medal and the number of small medals in the shape of a boy, girl or little star.

For dreamy moms: they are the most romantic, the ones who continue to go crazy with Disney princess movies. For them we have designed the Diana Heart Necklace . In solid silver or gold-plated, with a chain or a cord... you'll be sure to get it right!

Diana Heart Necklace

In our catalog you can see more models that are ideal as a Mother's Day gift. Your personalized jewelry will be a wonderful carrier of your feelings, it will never be taken off!

Choose the model that will make her most excited and... Give her a happy Mother's Day!


February 04, 2022 — admin

Did you know that spending time with friends is beneficial for your health?

Hello again HOPS friends!

We recently received an article based on a lecture that the Director of Psychiatry at Stanford University gave a few years ago about how relationships influence people's health status. In it he commented: “one of the best activities a man can do for his health is to marry a woman. While as a woman, one of the best things you can do for your health is to cultivate relationships with your friends .”

Cloud cord necklace

Photo: Cloud cord necklace ; ideal for dreamers!

And it seems that women provide support systems for each other, which helps us deal with stress and difficult life experiences . In the speaker's words, time with friends "helps us produce more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps fight depression and can produce a general feeling of well-being." Furthermore, he insisted that “not creating and maintaining quality personal relationships with other people is as harmful to our physical health as smoking .”

Toi&Moi Necklace

Photo: Inés, Patricia and Marta pose with their Toi&Moi necklaces on the outskirts of Toulouse

Do you want to remind your friends how special they are to you? At HOPS we have the perfect gift for when you celebrate a special occasion or simply to show your love because today is today. From personalized jewelry with unique engravings that talk about stories you have lived together, with your signatures if you are a large group of friends, to low-cost jewelry so that you can all wear the same piece designed by you.

Green Agate Puddle Bracelet

Photo: Charco Green Agate Bracelet with “best friend” hand engraved

The speaker ended the talk by assuring that spending time with a friend is as important for our general health as going to the gym , no more, no less! So, now that Easter is approaching, and seeing how beneficial it is for your health, at HOPS we recommend that you reserve a little time to disconnect from work and obligations and spend it with your friends: have a coffee, take a trip to the movies , go for an afternoon of shopping or an excursion... whatever plan you like the most!


February 04, 2022 — admin

Enjoy Father's Day with HOPS men's jewelry

Hello again HOPS friends!

As you already know, Father's Day is approaching: next March 19 is the perfect date to thank our dear fathers for being there. On many occasions, work, obligations and the frenetic life we ​​lead make us forget what is really important: love for family. For this reason, at HOPS we offer you a wide range of gifts to give to the best dads in the world.

With HOPS you will give her emotion: we offer you different jewelry that you can fill with feelings. Discover the emotions that unite you and transform them into a personalized gift with a message that will carry the affection that a wonderful father deserves!

Sidonie Necklace

For example, the Sidonie Necklace with a 2mm black cord is perfect for dads who like to wear pendants: discreet and classic, it is great for engraving names, dates, short phrases or even a drawing of the little ones in the house. You can also change the color of the cord, choose the finish of the medal (solid silver or gold plated) and choose between two types of closure: sliding knot or T closure.

Silver Round Cufflinks

Another option that usually wins when giving as gifts to parents are silver cufflinks. At HOPS we offer you two classic models: round cufflinks and oval cufflinks . Perfect for recording some words of affection for our parents! In addition, they are a very versatile piece of jewelry that they can wear both at work and in their free time: they won't want to take them off!

Diana keychain 3cm

What if your father is not one of those who wear jewelry regularly? At HOPS we have the solution: more than ten models of keychains that you can also personalize to make them tailored to any parent. With round medals or fun and varied shapes, with leather codons or 100% made of solid silver; Choose the one you like the most!

But these are not the only options we offer you for Father's Day: in the HOPS Men's Jewelry section you will find a multitude of models to choose from to make any dad happy. Don't miss out on her excitement on such a special day by giving her a jewel with soul!


February 04, 2022 — admin

Love is in the air! Add soul to Valentine's Day with HOPS

Hello again HOPS friends!

There are few times in the year that allow you to tell your loved ones how you feel about them. Although it is always a good time to reveal our feelings , Valentine's Day makes it very easy for us; It's the festival of lovers!

Yasmina Chain Necklace

Photo: Yasmina Chain Necklace

Many people think that Valentine's Day arose as a result of the interest of large shopping centers, but in reality this celebration dates back to classical antiquity. Some historians believe that Valentine's Day is a holiday that Christianity adopted from Roman paganism: in Rome they worshiped the god of love, Cupid, and in this celebration offerings and gifts were made to obtain his favors and achieve idyllic love.

Its name comes from the 3rd century: during the decline of the Roman Empire, Valentine exercised his priesthood in Rome and challenged the authority of the emperor, Claudius II, who had banned Christianity. He was imprisoned, martyred and finally died on February 14, 270. Before, he had restored the sight of Julia, blind from birth and daughter of the officer who had made him a prisoner. Julia did not forget Valentine's Day and planted an almond tree with pink flowers in front of his grave, turning it into a symbol of love and friendship. Legend or reality?

Toi&Moi Bracelet

Photo: Toi&Moi Bracelet

Maybe you are one of those who don't believe that love is about gifts, but everyone appreciates a gift; It is still a way of telling the people with whom you share your life that you value them, that you know they are there and that you are grateful that they continue to be there. Therefore, at Hops we want to help you find that jewel with soul that becomes a special Valentine's gift .

For Valentine's Day, HOPS offers a wide range of hand-personalized jewelry: solid silver or gold-plated medals, mounted on a cord or chain, simple or with semi-precious stones... that will be perfect Valentine's gifts. Choose the one you like the most and remember that you can personalize them by engraving the name, message or date you want.

Silver Oval Cufflinks

Photo: Silver oval cufflinks

Dare to say “I love you!” with our personalized jewelry: a precious detail that your lover can always carry with them. Also, remember that HOPS doesn't just have jewelry for women: you can also find gifts for him.


February 04, 2022 — admin