Hello again HOPS friends!

There are very few days left until the arrival of Santa Claus and only a few more for the Three Wise Men to stop by our homes. Have you already thought about what gift you will ask them for this year? At HOPS we have the best Christmas gift for families: our personalized jewelry . They are ideal for moms and dads, grandparents, friends... and for the little ones in the house!

We have a lot of models for all ages and personalities: which one best suits you? Let's find out!

Jewelry with personalized engravings: These jewelry are ideal if you want to engrave on the medal a drawing, some signatures, a phrase with your handwriting... or any other image or text that you want to reproduce as is. These medals can be set into pendants, such as the Nina Necklace , the Saphir Necklace and theDiana 4cm Necklace ; in bracelets, such as theDiana 2cm Bracelet , the Charco Bracelet or the Héctor Bracelet ; or on keychains such as the Diana 3cm or the Silver Keychain .


Jewelry with boys and girls medals: At HOPS we have medals in the shapes of boys and girls of different sizes. The largest ones are the ones you can find in jewelry like the Boy-Girl-Sidonie Keychain or the Nina Bubble Necklace . The Gordo Gorda Bracelet medals are somewhat smaller, although you can still engrave your little one's name on them. And if you want something discreet, our boy and girl medals from the Figurines collection are what you are looking for: one centimeter medals on which you can engrave the initial of your loved ones.

In addition, you can wrap all the jewelry you give this Christmas in transparent Christmas balls, ideal for hanging from the tree and surprising your family! A precious detail that will remain forever in your memories.


February 04, 2022 — admin