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Autumn is just around the corner and we want to take the opportunity to share with you some fashion tips that will be successful this season. Furthermore, in this post we will advise you on which are the best jewelry to wear with the most popular looks.

Are you ready to dress up to date?

Personalized silver infinity bracelet

The color red: In dresses, in blouses, in pants, in coats... but also in sticks and lipsticks and in accessories, such as shoes, bags, and of course, also in jewelry! This fall/winter, opt for our cord necklaces and bracelets and choose the color red to be on trend. It goes perfect with both silver and gold-plated medals and we have it available in two different thicknesses: 1mm and 2mm.

Our recommendations to combine with this color? In necklaces, we undoubtedly opted for the Diana Sol medal, the Olympia Necklace or the Yasmina Necklace ; Add a red coral stone and the result will be spectacular. As for bracelets, we are in love with the Diana Corazón and the Infinito Bracelet models… and they are super attractive!

collar personalizado Diana 4 cm plata elegante

Vinyl garments: Bold and with a sexy touch, vinyl clothing becomes the protagonist of this season: pants and skirts, tops and even jackets are dressed with this material to give shine to our look in the coldest season of the year. anus. To combine with this type of clothing, we recommend choosing a modern piece of jewelry, such as the Diana 3cm and Diana 4cm necklaces and bracelets: they are very attractive and will give a touch of light to your look (especially if you choose to wear dark vinyl). . Combine them with a lace that matches your outfit and you will get a 10 look.

Personalized gold smoky quartz puddle bracelet

Western fashion: We don't know if it will be due to the international success of the HBO series Westworld or if it will have something to do with the comfort that these garments give us, but this fall a classic is being reinvented again: fashion inspired by Western movies. old west In most of them, brown, sand or muted green colors predominate: our recommendation is that you follow this same range when it comes to jewelry. For example, the Charco Bracelet and the Héctor Bracelet combined with smoky quartz stones will be a success to accompany this type of looks. If, in addition, you choose a beige, chocolate or khaki cord, success is assured. Another perfect option are the Ginkgo Hoop Bracelets and the Diana bracelets with leather cord .


February 04, 2022 — admin