Handcrafted jewelry

HOPS offers you artisanal jewelry, with its own spirit, jewelry with soul. HOPS medals hide a world full of emotions: you can create your personalized bracelet or necklace for yourself or for a gift. It will make you happy to give one HOPS jewel and you will make happy whoever receives it.

HOPS offers you a collection of personalized jewelry that carries our feelings towards loved ones and keeps them alive: love, passion, friendship, recognition or the memory of dates of unrepeatable events. Choose the moment to give emotions and give handmade jewelry.

The birth of a jewel is not only the result of inspiration: it contains a story. Therefore, if you receive a HOPS jewel You will never want to separate yourself from it because of what it represents and evokes; It will last over time because it is a gift with its own soul. Discover the universe HOPS ! You can choose, personalize and enjoy our personalized gift catalog.

The HOPS universe is defined by quality, exclusivity and design that come together to offer an innovative vision in personalized jewelry. The jewelry we offer you is different, but at very affordable prices. This is the key to our success. Go into HOPS ! Discover their language, with your words.


HOPS offers you a hand-crafted engraving that gives an original, unique and special touch to your personalized gifts.

If the engraving deteriorates over time, HOPS offers you the possibility of having it reviewed for free and you can also take the opportunity to replace the cord.

To do this, you have to put the following in a bubble envelope:

· Your jewelry (bracelet or necklace).

· A self-addressed, prepaid envelope with appropriate postage (certified) for return shipping. If you do not enclose the prepaid envelope for return shipping, HOPS will have to ask you for a transfer of €6.50 to compensate for these costs.

· A letter attached with your email and phone number. · €5.5 (in case of changing the cord)

Send it to: HOPS, calle Almanzora 17 C, 28023 Madrid.

We advise you to take advantage of a cord change to request re-engraving.

The Packaging

For extra care until delivery, HOPS wraps your personalized gifts in a turquoise satin bag at no additional cost, or a turquoise leather-finished envelope placed in a white bag with the HOPS logo, at no additional cost. HOPS personalized jewelry is delivered in completely free gift wrapping. In addition to giving a hand-engraved piece of jewelry, you give surprise, emotion and glamour.

Furthermore, during the Christmas holidays, HOPS proposes wrapping its satin bags in transparent balls (€5), ideal for placing on the Christmas tree; Guaranteed surprise effect!

Gift wrapping leather envelope HOPS jewelry with soul


Wrapping for Christmas gifts or Three Kings transparent ball

Transparent Christmas Ball Gift Wrapping



Gifts for companies or events

HOPS also offers personalized gifts for companies, events or promotional marketing campaigns. Our jewelry will carry the message (or logo) that you want through hand engraving, completely handmade. Tell us your idea, we are sure we have what you need.

If you are interested, you can contact us at 637 151 560 or through our Contact Form .