Hello again HOPS friends!

To inaugurate the new course, at HOPS we have expanded our jewelry catalog : so that the little ones can start the course with joy ! Some of our new models are the Cubitos bracelet and necklaces , with a childish and modern touch ideal for children, or the Mini Estrella bracelet , so discreet that they can wear it to school every day.

But these are just some of the options in our children's jewelry catalog! In this article we will reveal to you which are the favorite jewelry of the little ones in the house so that you can be sure when it comes to giving them a gift; guaranteed illusion!

Jewelry for back to school

The Butterfly Necklace is a girl's favorite because the medal is super cute: it can be engraved with a name, a date, or a special word. It can also be personalized by adding some stones, such as a pearl, a coral flower or a mother-of-pearl star : whatever the little one likes the most!

Other favorite models of slightly older girls are the Constellation Earrings , available in both solid silver and three-micron gold plating , and the Sidonie Bracelet , which can carry one or several medals of different shapes to choose from: round , heart or clover . They are perfect jewelry for teenage girls !

Jewelry for back to school - Diana Necklace 2cm

The Diana 2cm Necklace is a unisex model, ideal for boys and girls to wear a discreet but useful piece of jewelry: on the one hand, it engraves the name of the boy or girl; on the other, the phone number of the father or mother. In case there is any emergency at any time! In addition, this medal is also available as a 2cm Diana Bracelet , in case the little ones find it more comfortable to wear the jewel on their wrist than on their neck; because your well-being comes first !


Jewelry for back to school - Soñadora Necklace

The Soñadora Necklace also delights girls because of the shape of its medals: a cloud with a die-cut star on which a word, a name or a date can be engraved, and between one and five little stars on which a letter can be engraved. or a number. If the girl is already a teenager, this same model in bracelet format is her ideal piece of jewelry due to its modern and original design . You will always carry it with you!

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February 04, 2022 — admin