The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and, during these dates, it is common for many groups of friends to take the opportunity to give each other gifts with the well-known game of invisible friend: a hilarious tradition in which everything The world receives a gift from some friend whose identity, in theory, should not be revealed. If this year you also dare to celebrate the invisible friend with your family or your friends, or even if the little ones in the house are going to celebrate it with their classmates , at HOPS we want to propose some jewelry that will make both the giver and the person happy. to whoever receives these details, full of love and Christmas feelings. In addition, since the budget limit is also usually one of the rules of the invisible friend, we have classified our proposals based on their price , so that our gifts adapt to what you are looking for!

Less than €20: Opt for our colorful and beautiful bracelets to decorate your friends' wrists. The Lapis Lazuli Star Bracelet , in addition to being cute, has healing, curative and purifying properties thanks to its semi-precious stone and the Quartz Bracelet raises energy levels, filters distractions and promotes concentration due to the action of its three quartz: rose , yellow and purple.

Lapis Lazuli Star Bracelet and Quartz Bracelet

Less than €30: Let yourself be seduced by our collection of earrings and necklaces! The Feather Cord Necklace is one of our newest models and is perfect for girls of all ages. On the other hand, our Constellation Earrings are a classic: each one has four stars that range from 5mm to 3mm and provide a touch of light to the face even on the coldest days of the year.

Feather Cord Necklace and Constellation Earrings

From €30: Let your imagination fly with our personalized jewelry. The Cloud Cord Necklace is the ideal model for dreamers: with a die-cut star, you only need to choose an engraving that unites you to turn this jewel into an eternal memory of your friendship. The Crystal Bracelet accepts different types of medal: Girl (round), Clover, Butterfly, Cross, Boy, Girl... Our recommendation? Combine several bracelets with different medals to create a unique effect!

Cloud Cord Necklace and Crystal Bracelet

Do you have doubts about which model to choose? Ask us personally by phone or email or consult our Christmas gift catalog to take a look at all our models. Because this year… HOPS is your invisible friend!


February 04, 2022 — admin