Olympia Personalized Necklace

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The Olympia personalized necklace is elegant, fine and original. The personalized jewel is made up of a 3cm diameter round medal and 1 to 5 smaller pendants of different shapes to choose from (boy, girl, round, butterfly, cloud, star, drop, cross, 4-leaf clover). Don't hesitate to mix medals and semi-precious stones for a unique and precious result.

The Olympia necklace medals are hand engraved and allow you to always carry with you phrases of affection, love or friendship, the names of your children or grandchildren, arid, boyfriend...

It is the ideal gift for a birthday, Christmas or Three Kings Day or for the birth of a child. The engraved message also makes it perfect as a gift for Valentine's Day.

The necklace can be worn with a choker chain, a medium or longer chain depending on the style you want to give it.
The semi-precious stones will provide strength, energy and give light and color to the necklace.
We engrave everything by hand, it gives a more special and unique touch.

We engrave everything by hand, it gives a more special and unique touch.

Photo: Olympia necklace with star and round medal, 80cm chain, blue agate and mother-of-pearl star

You can wear your Olympia necklace with a cord. look here

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Care and cleaning
To keep your HOPS personalized jewelry in the best condition for a long time, we recommend following these tips:
  • It is best to remove your jewelry before going to bed.
  • Soap and water can be aggressive for jewelry, avoid contact of jewelry with them. Also be careful with cleaning products, jacuzzi, etc.
  • To avoid scratches on your jewelry, we recommend storing it individually.
  • To avoid oxidation, we recommend storing them in a place in contact with air.
  • To avoid knots in the chains, it is better to store them closed.
  • You can clean your jewelry with our polishing tissue 
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