HOPS offers you a hand-crafted engraving that gives an original, unique and special touch to your personalized gifts.

If the engraving deteriorates over time, HOPS offers you the possibility of having it reviewed for free and you can also take the opportunity to replace the cord.

To do this, you have to put the following in a bubble envelope:

- Your jewelry (bracelet or necklace).

- A prepaid, self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage (certified) for return shipping. If you do not enclose the prepaid envelope for return shipping, HOPS will have to ask you for a transfer of €6.50 to compensate for these costs.

- A letter attached with your email and phone number.

- €5.5 (in case of changing the cord).

Send it to: HOPS, calle Almanzora 17 C, 28023 Madrid.

We advise you to take advantage of a cord change to request re-recording.