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We recently received an article based on a lecture that the Director of Psychiatry at Stanford University gave a few years ago about how relationships influence people's health status. In it he commented: “one of the best activities a man can do for his health is to marry a woman. While as a woman, one of the best things you can do for your health is to cultivate relationships with your friends .”

Cloud cord necklace

Photo: Cloud cord necklace ; ideal for dreamers!

And it seems that women provide support systems for each other, which helps us deal with stress and difficult life experiences . In the speaker's words, time with friends "helps us produce more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps fight depression and can produce a general feeling of well-being." Furthermore, he insisted that “not creating and maintaining quality personal relationships with other people is as harmful to our physical health as smoking .”

Toi&Moi Necklace

Photo: Inés, Patricia and Marta pose with their Toi&Moi necklaces on the outskirts of Toulouse

Do you want to remind your friends how special they are to you? At HOPS we have the perfect gift for when you celebrate a special occasion or simply to show your love because today is today. From personalized jewelry with unique engravings that talk about stories you have lived together, with your signatures if you are a large group of friends, to low-cost jewelry so that you can all wear the same piece designed by you.

Green Agate Puddle Bracelet

Photo: Charco Green Agate Bracelet with “best friend” hand engraved

The speaker ended the talk by assuring that spending time with a friend is as important for our general health as going to the gym , no more, no less! So, now that Easter is approaching, and seeing how beneficial it is for your health, at HOPS we recommend that you reserve a little time to disconnect from work and obligations and spend it with your friends: have a coffee, take a trip to the movies , go for an afternoon of shopping or an excursion... whatever plan you like the most!


February 04, 2022 — admin