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Every year, during these months, history repeats itself. The BBC season ( weddings, baptisms, communions ) is approaching, although on this occasion we will focus on communions, a unique and important moment for children.

In addition to the look , what to give to the protagonists of the day is quite a challenge. Nowadays, children have everything and finding the right gift will not be as easy as you think, partly because at that age they already have very established tastes, they are sure of what they like and what they don't. Not just anything is worth it, that's clear.

At HOPS we want to help you with the right gift . Our jewelry is perfect for communions. An original, personalized detail full of feeling . From a little angel, to the date of the First Communion or their name, we hand-engrave the piece you choose in solid silver or gold-plated so that the memory of your day remains forever. That's what makes our jewelry unique. At HOPS you choose the model and metal, if you prefer cord, chain or Liberty fabrics .

Do you need inspiration? We have created on our website www.hops.es a selection of special "First Communion" gifts for boys and girls http://www.hops.es/regalo-para-comunion although if you want to see a small preview, we leave you in this post a small selection.

  • Personalized bracelets in solid silver or gold plated with colored cord.

  • Personalized bracelets in solid silver or gold plated with silver thread.

  • Personalized bracelets in solid silver or gold-plated with Liberty- type fabrics.

  • Personalized necklaces in solid silver or gold plated with chain.

You will find all our models at www.hops.es


February 04, 2022 — admin