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HOPS Jewelry for your First Communion: gifts to remember!

by admin 04 Feb 2022

Hello again HOPS friends!

A child's communion is a very special day that both he or she and the entire family will remember for a lifetime. It is an unforgettable moment that deserves to be immortalized, and our medals are the best way to preserve a memory of this date forever.

Whether as a gift for children or as a souvenir for attendees, HOPS jewelry is an original and unique souvenir. To do this, we propose a range of personalized gifts full of spirituality for young communicants. Do you want to discover them?

Regalo Primera Comunión Collar Mini Corazón y Pendientes Cruz

At HOPS we are committed to the idea that not all Communion jewelry has to be cross-shaped. For example, some of girls' favorite models are the Mini Heart Necklace and Bracelet, the Cloud Necklace or the Butterfly Necklace .

If you are looking for something more spiritual, you can choose our Diana Heart Necklace , to which you can add a coral rose (symbol of the Virgin Mary) that will make it very special. And for children, the Héctor and Mini Héctor bracelets are the ideal gift: simple and discreet bracelets that they can always carry with them.

Regalo Primera Comunión Rosario de Cristal

But if you like the classic, our cross models are also ideal, as we bring a breath of fresh air to transform traditional medals into unique, original and modern gifts . For example, the Cruz Inés Bracelet allows you to carry the name of the boy or girl on the front and the date of their First Communion on the back; The silver thread gives it a touch of elegance and personality.

Another piece of jewelry that allows you to engrave the name of the communicant and the date is the Cross medal, available as a necklace and bracelet . In addition, this model is available in solid gold upon request: you can order it by email

We have also reinvented the Communion jewel par excellence. How sweet it will be to pray with our glass Rosary ! It is available in red, purple and black, and it is the best option if you want the little ones to be able to wear the jewel on the day of their First Communion.

Regalo Primera Comunión Pendientes Cruz

Our Nina and Sidonie medals with an engraving of a little angel on the obverse and a mother-of-pearl cross are also ideal for the occasion. They are available in necklace and bracelet. Do you want to customize it even more? Add the girl's name and the date of her communion on the back so she can always remember it.

Another perfect jewel to wear at communion are the Cross Earrings , available in gold and silver. A very wearable model that girls will enjoy both when they are little and when they get older!

Finally, if you want to give a souvenir to the attendees, we recommend our stone bracelets or the Pineapple or Feather necklaces. If you prefer engraved jewelry, two good options would be the Mini Heart and Mini Hector medals, with the name of the communicant on the front and the date on the back. Additionally, for large orders we make custom quotes, so don't hesitate and request yours without obligation by writing to

Make this date an unforgettable day!


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