Hello again HOPS friends!

This vacation, your only worry will be deciding what clothes to pack… because we can help you with accessories! In this post we propose the best jewelry to combine with your style, the “must” this summer to give your look a personal touch.

Take a look at these tips on fashion trends to inspire you when creating outfits:

Drop Necklace, Sidonie Bracelet and Little Star Earrings

The color blue: The color of the clear sky, the calm sea, the swimming pools... Subconsciously, light blue reminds us of good and cool weather, so it is one of the most used colors of summer. We love to combine it, both in necklaces and bracelets , with gold-plated medals because it creates a super summer effect: the gold of the sun's rays and the blue of the water; super refreshing!

But if you are more into chain or hoop bracelets, we suggest another way to integrate blue into your favorite jewelry: through stones like blue agate or turquoise .

Trebolito Bracelet

Flowers: In summer flowers are always a trend. They can be large or small, romantic, oriental or Hawaiian in style. And the best thing is that they can be worn at any time of the day, both in the morning and at night... Flowers with everything!

Our Coral Flower Bracelet , the Clover Necklace or the Trebolito Bracelet are some of the models that we recommend if you want to wear floral jewelry: elegant, delicate and romantic, they are a breath of fresh air for this summer.

Another option is to combine our medals with Liberty fabrics with a floral print: in different styles and sizes, it is a super feminine print that provides sensuality and freshness.

Which one do you prefer?

Bubble Bracelet

Combined jewelry: Gold and silver are no longer at odds in the same look; Now they are trending! But… what are the best models to combine these two finishes? The Bubble necklaces and bracelets are the most fun in our catalog but, if you prefer something more classic, you can also opt for the Spring Bracelets or the Silver Thread and Gold Thread bracelets. Dare to mix colors and surrender to the pleasant summer with HOPS.

And finally, whatever model you choose... take the opportunity to fully personalize your jewel! Engrave your favorite words, add one of our colored cords for a more casual and beachy style, ideal to match with your bikini or swimsuit, or one of our chains to combine with an elegant dress... Enjoy creating a unique piece of jewelry! , made by and for you!


February 04, 2022 — admin