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There are few times in the year that allow you to tell your loved ones how you feel about them. Although it is always a good time to reveal our feelings , Valentine's Day makes it very easy for us; It's the festival of lovers!

Yasmina Chain Necklace

Photo: Yasmina Chain Necklace

Many people think that Valentine's Day arose as a result of the interest of large shopping centers, but in reality this celebration dates back to classical antiquity. Some historians believe that Valentine's Day is a holiday that Christianity adopted from Roman paganism: in Rome they worshiped the god of love, Cupid, and in this celebration offerings and gifts were made to obtain his favors and achieve idyllic love.

Its name comes from the 3rd century: during the decline of the Roman Empire, Valentine exercised his priesthood in Rome and challenged the authority of the emperor, Claudius II, who had banned Christianity. He was imprisoned, martyred and finally died on February 14, 270. Before, he had restored the sight of Julia, blind from birth and daughter of the officer who had made him a prisoner. Julia did not forget Valentine's Day and planted an almond tree with pink flowers in front of his grave, turning it into a symbol of love and friendship. Legend or reality?

Toi&Moi Bracelet

Photo: Toi&Moi Bracelet

Maybe you are one of those who don't believe that love is about gifts, but everyone appreciates a gift; It is still a way of telling the people with whom you share your life that you value them, that you know they are there and that you are grateful that they continue to be there. Therefore, at Hops we want to help you find that jewel with soul that becomes a special Valentine's gift .

For Valentine's Day, HOPS offers a wide range of hand-personalized jewelry: solid silver or gold-plated medals, mounted on a cord or chain, simple or with semi-precious stones... that will be perfect Valentine's gifts. Choose the one you like the most and remember that you can personalize them by engraving the name, message or date you want.

Silver Oval Cufflinks

Photo: Silver oval cufflinks

Dare to say “I love you!” with our personalized jewelry: a precious detail that your lover can always carry with them. Also, remember that HOPS doesn't just have jewelry for women: you can also find gifts for him.


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