Hello again HOPS friends!

There are only nine days left until Santa Claus sneaks into our homes to leave us Christmas gifts... And less than a month until the Three Wise Men visit us! Haven't you sent your letters yet? Then it's time to get your act together so that the gifts arrive on time.

Are you undecided? Don't you know what to ask for the dads, moms, grandpas and grandmas who have behaved so well during the year and, like the little ones, deserve to wake up with a gift under their Christmas tree? At HOPS we want to recommend some of our jewelry that you will surely get right: perfect gifts for Christmas as they are bearers of very special messages of affection that will last in the memory.

This year, HOPS gives you the chance to be more original than ever ! Decide what you would most like to say to that special person and design a jewel to suit them: at HOPS we will make it by hand, with all our love and dedication, and deliver it to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men so that it arrives. on time.

Gifts for children: Our recommendations for this Christmas are the Cloud cord Necklace , the Pineapple chain Bracelet and the Little Star chain Necklace : why? Because they are small and discreet jewelry, with cute and fun shapes and super comfortable: ideal for them! On the necklaces, you can also engrave their name, their initial or a special message for them.

Christmas gifts for children


Gifts for women: We all love carrying messages from our loved ones: children, parents, couples, friends... That's why we propose four different pieces of jewelry that will surely surprise whoever receives them: the Maille Charms Bracelet , ideal for mothers and grandmothers who want to carry their family members always with them, the Button Necklace and the Diana 3cm chain Necklace , perfect for engraving any message, and the personalized engraved Charco silver Thread Bracelet , so that moms can carry the drawings and signatures of their little ones. Difficult choice, right?

Christmas gifts for women

Gifts for men: Guys also love to carry messages that remind them of their loved ones, why not? Whether it's your girl or your little ones, they're sure to love these gifts! If you are one of the men who likes to wear bracelets, we recommend the Mini Héctor model; too informal? Then the Diana 2cm Keychain is the perfect bet: sober and with two types of leather cord to choose from.

Christmas gifts for men

Do you want to give an even more special touch to your gift? At HOPS we offer you the possibility of giving your jewelery inside a transparent Christmas ball. You can hang the gifts on the tree so that the surprise is total!


February 04, 2022 — admin